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Sprited version of the F1 key




Hsiehtm's version



F1 is the first of twelve 'F' keys located on the top row of a standard keyboard, its general purpose is to ring up the help menu of certain programs such as Internet Explorer.

In this sense, however, the F1 key is relating to its purpose in M.U.G.E.N, which is (providing the debug keys are enabled) to instantly K.O. Player 2 and Player 4. (Shift+F1 instantly K.O.s Player 1 and Player 3)

The F1 key was made into a M.U.G.E.N character by Hsiehtm.

Hsiehtm's version

F1 is a novelty character that automatically K.O.'s a character, exactly like the actual key does if it is pressed during a match. It can knock out almost all characters, but it can't be knocked out itself through normal means; for this reason, it is considered a cheap character. Originally, it was stated that it can't be beaten, which is true to a point, but a few characters including Angle Draw SphereMeimu and Ironcommando's A-Bomb and Black Kyurem's Blaziken-F (12th palette), when modified, are able to knock out F1.


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