An Exceed, sometimes known as a Hidden Super Desperation Move or HSDM, depending on game, is a term for a special type of Hyper attack that usually consumes the entirety of a character's Power bar, but may also require low Life to be used. It should be noted that while these terms may be used by a creator to describe their characters' attacks, no such attribute exists within the M.U.G.E.N's code to denote such an attack.

An Exceed usually deals extreme damage, usually around half the opponent's Life, and may also have traits that make it more dangerous than a regular Hyper Move (faster, unblockable, stays on screen longer, etc.).

The sheer power of an Exceed is often balanced by its high Power usage and low Life requirements, as well as other conditions required to use them, which vary between characters. Understanding the ReadMe or checking the .cmd files may help to reveal necessary conditions to use these powerful moves.


The term originated from SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos. Every character in the game had one of these moves as their most powerful attack. The original conditions to use such moves were as follows:

  • Health must be below 50%.
  • It can only be used once in each match.

Exceeds could also restore health, speed up, or kamikaze the player.

However, over time, the term eventually spread to encompass all Hypers with high cost and correspondingly high damage, even if they did not need these original conditions to be used.