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Oldest version

masterofmugen21's first version (2009)

Newest version

Valgallah's version (2014)


Sonic The Hedgehog

Emerl is a character from Sonic Battle and the most powerful Gizoid created by the Nocturnus Clan. The Gizoids are mass-produced combat androids created 4000 years ago by the Nocturnus Clan.

4000 years after the Nocturnus Clan was trapped in the Twillight Cage, Emerl was found by Gerald Robotnik. When he failed to nullify its destructive programming, he gave it the traits of Shadow the Hedgehog. After Dr. Eggman finds it but ditches it when he finds no use of it, it was found by Sonic the Hedgehog, who teaches it how to fight. Emerl is able to copy the moves, abilities and traits of the other characters of Sonic Battle. Eventually, Emerl travels to the rebuilt Death Egg and fights and defeats Dr. Eggman. However, he uses his Final Egg Blaster and Emerl's personality was deleted, turning it into the weapon of mass destrction is was built to be. Sonic had to fight him, and Emerl was defeated and disappeared in a flash of light after thanking Sonic for all the good times they had together. Later on, in Sonic Advance 3, Dr. Eggman created a revised version of Emerl from the data of Emerl, known as Gemerl.

In M.U.G.E.N, Emerl has been made by masterofmugen21 and Valgallah.

masterofmugen21's first versionEditiconSeizureicon


This version of Emerl uses custom sprites and gameplay based on MUGENHunter's characters, with a four-button layout. It carries moves from some of MUGENHunter's other Sonic characters, with most of them being from Sonic or Shadow.


masterofmugen21's second versionSeizureicon


masterofmugen21 also made a modified version of his Emerl, knows as Ultra Emerl, the transformation Emerl undergoes when Dr. Eggman hit it with his Final Egg Blaster. It has a modified moveset, higher damage output and comboability and a more challenging A.I.


Valgallah's version


This version of Emerl uses sprites from Sonic Battle and N64Mario's character template. It has a six-button layout and, like in Sonic Battle, has moves from various other characters from Sonic Battle, but it strangely also has moves from kishio's Ronald McDonald.

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