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Artwork from Lotus Land Story




Waribashi's version


Touhou Project

Elly is a character from Touhou Project, who appeared as the Stage 3 boss of Lotus Land Story. She is the gatekeeper of Mugenkan, the mansion where Yuuka Kazami used to reside.

Elly carries around a large scythe, which she is known for notoriously throwing around like a boomerang. She is also able to throw tiles as projectiles at the player, though what these tiles are or where they come from is unknown.

Waribashi's version

Waribashi Elly Idle

Waribashi's version of Erie[sic] is a three-button character more akin to a standard fighting game character than a typical Touhou character. Her scythe floats and follows her around the arena closely, and when thrown, it travels away from her and then returns. During the time that the scythe is spinning, her moveset shifts focus to fast, weak physical attacks, allowing her to perform elaborate combination attacks. When attacking without the scythe being thrown, her attacks are slower, but deal greater damage. Note that the scythe will stop spinning and return to Elly if she is attacked while it is thrown, and that she cannot crouch with the scythe following her, instead sitting down on the handle.

Her AI is above average in terms of difficulty, and while fearsome at close-combat, has numerous blind spots.







  • Elly appears as a striker in WŒõ's version of Mugetsu.
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