Artwork from The Amazing Spider-Man comic books


Erradicator & DocOck4MUGEN
Verz & Magus
Loganir & Verz36

Oldest version

Erradicator & DocOck4MUGEN's version (2007)

Newest version

Loganir & Verz36's version (2014)


Amazing Spider-Man

Electro (real name Max Dillon) is a villain from the Spider-Man comics, and is a villain in the Marvel universe as a whole. He had first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #9 in 1964, and has been a recurring villain since, appearing in games (like Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro) and movies (such as Amazing Spider-Man 2).

Max Dillon was a lineman for an electric company despite having the dream to be an electric engineer. One day, while holding a pair of damaged power lines, Max was struck with a bolt of lightning. This didn't kill him, but instead granted him amazing electrical powers, such as being able to produce 1,000 volts of electricity per minute, 100,000 volts at maximum. The electricity enhanced his strength, giving him the ability to lift up to 450 pounds. Spider-Man defeated him by wearing rubber boots and gloves and by attacking from the air. He is one of the inaugural members of the Sinister Six, a group of villains wishing to get revenge on Spider-Man.

In M.U.G.E.N, there's 3 different versions of Electro: by Erradicator & Dockock4mugen, by Verz & Magus, and a new recent version "recharged" by Loganir & Verz36.

Erradicator & DocOck4MUGEN's version


A classic take on the Electro character made by DockOck4mugen (sprites) and Erradicator (coding). This is the first version of Electro for mugen, it's a 6-button character released in 2007.


Verz & Magus' version


A creation suitable for casual gamers. This Electro version it's a beta 0.4 with some issues, however still fun to experience. This version was made by Wucash, Magus and Verz for a Scruffydragon forum event. Unfortunately, it's a discontinued version released in 2009.


Loganir & Verz36's version


Originally released at the end of 2014, this version is based on the most powerful incarnation of Electro found in comic books. Its gameplay is similar to Marvel vs. Capcom, but with some core custom mechanics added. Electro also has a configuration file that allows the player to change several visual features in-game.

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