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Eirin Yagokoro is a Lunarian from Touhou Project, first appearing as one of two possible final bosses in Imperishable Night.

An immortal goddess originally born on Earth, Eirin is the creator of the Hourai Elixir as well as the co-founder of the Moon's Lunar Capital along with her relative Lord Tsukuyomi. After her friend and mistress Kaguya Houraisan consumed the Hourai Elixir and was banished to Earth, Eirin could not help but feel responsible for Kaguya's predicament, so she betrayed the Lunar emissaries and fled to Earth as a self-imposed exile, living with Kaguya. During the events of Imperishable Night, Eirin seals the Earth inside a chamber to prevent the Lunar emissaries from reaching them, using a fake moon in the hopes that the event would go unnoticed by Gensokyo's inhabitants. Doing so, however, caught the attention of the youkai who were used to the natural moonlight. After the incident, she began to use her vast knowledge to serve as Gensokyo's pharmacist.

In M.U.G.E.N, Eirin Yagokoro has been made by various creators.

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People sometimes complain that it's difficult to get a doctor's appointment, though it's not usually because the doctor is actively trying to keep people from reaching them, so it comes across as odd that Eirin likes to prevent a patient's advances by force feeding them arrows and keep them sick by throwing vials of acid at them; Eirin can do little to stop patients who do get past the arrows from inflicting their own wounds on her, however.

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