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ED-209 walking




RyouWin's version
CyberAkumaTv's version 1.0 (Downloadable)
CyberAkumaTv's version WinMUGEN (Downloadable)



ED-209 (Enforcement Droid series 209) is a character from the RoboCop series of movies. In M.U.G.E.N he has been made RyouWin and CyberAkumaTv.

RyouWin's version


He is close enough to his appearance in the first RoboCop arcade game to be considered a direct rip. However, his sound pack is made with quotes and sound effects of the ED-209 from the RoboCop films. ED has no ability to punch since he has no arms or fists. Instead he can nudge at his opponents with his dual machine guns. He also can't kick, as he can only put his leg out in limited directions. He can also fire his machine guns in three directions (up, forward, and down). He also has a grenade launcher on his back, a missile launcher, and a rush attack. Like RoboCop, the ED-209 can take several light hits without his own attack or actions being interrupted.

CyberAkumaTv's version


This version is a total edit of RyouWin's version, his sprites are RyouWin and is for MUGEN 1.0 and WinMUGEN,recently this version, CyberAkumaTv edited it to operate in WinMUGEN,which includes Super armor, boss mode with five musics background, extreme mode in boss mode, 3 difficulty levels, 12 color palettes, one vsff2 compressed, which causes faster fence, new hypers and specials, auto repair or better called Resurrection.

This version have 2 systems, one is called heath bar or recovery bar,while attacking, this collects the energy of the enemy, to accumulate in the bar when it attacked his last life, goes into recovery, regains his life depending recover the energy of the bar. The other, functions as a switch weapon, missile and fire. to switch to fire, tighten down for 10 seconds to switch to the missiles, tighten up during 10 seconds without being activated recover mode.



  • CyberAkumaTv's ED-209 boss music comes from the games Mega Man X2 & Mega Man X3.
  • When fighting against N64Mario's Super Metroid 209's boss mode automatically activates and stays active for the rest of the matches.

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