This article is about the bonus game from the NES game from the same name. For the character, see Duck Hunt Dog. For other uses of Duck Hunt, see Duck Hunt (disambiguation).

Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt's portrait






Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is a shooter video game that was released in 1985 for the NES. In the NES version you had to use a NES Zapper to shoot as many ducks as you can flying across the screen in order to beat the high score.

in M.U.G.E.N, Duck Hunt has been created by PotS. It is a bonus game based heavily on the original Duck Hunt video game.

PotS' version

Just like in the original game, the goal here is to hit as many ducks as possible to reach a high-score, but instead of using a gun you will have to use your chosen character to hit them using any moves you want ranging from your regular jabs to super beams, this also includes throws.


In both versions of Duck Hunt, there are three types of ducks, each having its own speed and giving you a different ammount of points, as shown below:

Duck Speed Points per Duck


Slow 10 * Damage


Medium 15 * Damage


Fast 20 * Damage

(Damage = damage you inflict on the ducks (eg. KFM weak punch on Black and Green Duck = 10 * 23 = 230)

Round times

In the first round, each duck will be spawned every 1.5 seconds, in the second round two ducks will be spawned simultaneously each 2 seconds. If you are playing in Simul mode the amount of ducks doubles (max number of ducks on the screen is 12), When a duck goes against an edge of the screen turn back, it will do this for 5 seconds and then it may fly away.