Dragon Tank
The Dragon Tank as it appears in Chrono Trigger


Balthazar & The_None

Oldest version

Balthazar & The_None's version (2015)

Newest version

Balthazar & The_None's version (2015)


Chrono Trigger

The Dragon Tank is a boss from the game Chrono Trigger, being a massive steam-powered weapon that guards the Prison Towers in Guardia Castle in the Present, commisioned by the Chanchellor as the final security system for the prison.

The Dragon Tank is made of three main parts; the head, body and wheel, with each having its own function. While destroying the body also destroys the head and wheel, the head can heal each of the parts, making it very hard to destroy the Dragon Tank unless the head is destroyed; in addition, the head is immune to fire and lightning attacks.

In M.U.G.E.N, the Dragon Tank has been made by Balthazar & The_None.

Balthazar & The_None's version


With the combined efforts of Balthazar's spritework and The_None's coding, the end result is a truly fearsome boss character that is also faithful to Chrono Trigger at the same time; it's possible to damage parts of its body to disable some of its attacks. While it can be controlled by a human player, the controls may be a bit hard to get used to because the directional buttons control the head, rather than the tank itself.

Chrono Trigger
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