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Dragon Ball AF
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Dragon Ball AF is a fake sequel to the successful franchise "Dragon Ball", that was meant to be for April Fools. It is said DBAF will have a SSJ5 transformation for Goku and a new character will introduced and is named "Xicor". Although Akira Toriyama confirmed this as false, there will be a manga on this. In MUGEN, Claudio84 and a team of other developers are creating a MUGEN game based on the "Dragon Ball AF" rumor with characters coming from it.


This is a list of developers:

  • Claudio84
  • Cloud Strife
  • Extreme Nick
  • Macilento
  • Evilrikkuz
  • confe
  • Rocker92
  • mario345
  • Cappero
  • Master95.
  • Dannguerrero
  • dav ssj
  • Re Vegeta I
  • ssjsongoku
  • Majin Vegeta
  • St.Jimmy
  • sammygiggs
  • kamikaze
  • Saiyajin Mui

Confirmed CharactersEdit

Confirmed StagesEdit



RistaR87's VersionEdit

Main Article: Dragon Ball AF (RistaR87)

RistaR87, a MUGEN compilations maker, has also created a Dragon Ball AF compilation, instead, it is using smaller characters and it is finished. Click on the link above to find out more about RistaR87's version.

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