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Donald Fauntleroy Duck
Artwork of Donald Duck




AT5894's Version
Ankara2's Version
Mario11766's Version


Walt Disney

Donald Duck is sometimes short-tempered, impatient, angry, but who is always nice, innocent, and honest; he does however suffer the curse of being second-best to Mickey or just plain bad luck. He is a white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He usually wears a sailor shirt, cap and a red or black bow tie, but no trousers at all. He is presented as a best friend of Mickey Mouse.

In M.U.G.E.N, Donald has created by AT5894, Alerkina4 and Mario11766.

AT5894's VersionEdit

Donald Stance

AT5894 made a Donald Duck, which is an edit of Kung Fu Man. He has Mickey Mouse as a striker, has one hyper and two specials. But his hypers are poorly made, and overpowered. His sprites were taken from the game QuackShot Which means He is based on QuackShot, He also has a special intro against Ronald McDonald where he gets angry at him.

Alerkina4's VersionEdit

This version is a spriteswap of Rocko.

Kanbei's VersionEdit

This is a WIP, It can be see on Kanbei's Mugen coder page. This one is claimed to use custom Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memorires sprites provided by Zaibatsu.


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