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A fully featured and reworked character, this Doctor Doom plays with a semblance to his Marvel vs Capcom series appearances. The character is complete with a fancy animation style, a supplemented moveset, and an impressive breadth of implemented game mechanics.

Dr.Doom (Dr.Doom)
Infinite Dr Doom 2014 Portrait
Character portrait








Infinite&#039;s Dr.Doom Stand

Currently, Infinite's version comes with 103 palettes to choose from. Although it features most of the same moves and animations as the other versions, many of the sprites for the specials have been completely redone in a different style. The playability of this version is very solid. The player has the option to do either level 1 hypers, the default, or level 2, referred to as MAX hypers, by respectively pressing 1 or 2 Button-xyz/Button-abc commands for the designated move. This version also features an entirely new hyper not seen in any of the other versions of Doctor Doom. In addition, he features a voicepack that is likely composed of sounds from his appearance in MvC3. This version of Dr Doom won character of the month on The Mugen Fighters Guild.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the gap displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Plasma Beam QCF Button-xyz or
QCF Button-xyz2
Button-xyz2 version: uses 500 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Photon Shot QCB Button-xyz or
QCB Button-xyz2
Button-xyz2 version: uses 500 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Molecular Shield RDP Button-abc or
RDP Button-abc2
Button-abc2 version: uses 500 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Hidden Missiles DP Button-abc or
DP Button-abc2
Press Button-abc repeatedly to quicken missile launch
Button-abc2 version: uses 500 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Doom Lazer QCF Button-abc or
QCF Button-abc2
Button-abc2 version: uses 500 Power


Name Command Input Properties
Electric Cage QCF QCF Button-xyz or
QCF QCF Button-xyz2
Uses 1000 Power
Button-xyz2 version: uses 2000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Photon Array QCB QCB Button-xyz or
QCB QCB Button-xyz2
Uses 1000 power
Button-xyz2 version: uses 2000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Sphere Flame QCF QCF Button-abc or
QCF QCF Button-abc2
Uses 1000 Power
Button-abc2 version: uses 2000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Doom Time QCFQCF Button-xyz+Button-abc Uses 3000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Legion of Doom QCBQCB Button-xyz+Button-abc Uses 3000 Power


Name Command Input Properties
Flight QCB Button-abc2 Airok

Palette Gallery

Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 1) Default
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 2) MVC2
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 3) AldoCustom AldoDarkDecree
Default MVC2 AldoCustom/AldoDarkDecree
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 4) AldoCustom02 AldoOrangeandPurple
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 5) new5
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 6) AldoDrStrange
AldoCustom02/AldoOrangeandPurple new5 AldoDrStrange
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 7) AldoMagneto
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 8) AldoMvC2Art
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 9) new9
AldoMagneto AldoMvC2Art new9
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 10) ChosisHeraldDoom
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 11) ChosisUMvC3
Infinite&#039;s Doom Pal 12) ChosisUMvC302
ChosisHeraldDoom ChosisUMvC3 ChosisUMvC302
This character uses a Palette Selector that allows for more than 12 palettes to be chosen, and as such, only the first 12 are shown here. For a full list of palettes, see Alternative palettes.

Victory quotes


Once again, I prove myself to be lord of all I survey!
It amuses me to let you live. Next time, you may not be so lucky.
You are but one of hundreds who I have crushed beneath my feet.
You are a gnat, easily swatted aside by my armored fist. Bother me no more!
The applause shall continue for another hour. The first to stop clapping will be executed.
Prepare to spend the rest of your days rotting away imprisoned in Castle Doomstadt.
Away with you now. You've wasted enough of Doom's time.
You may call me Doom ... your new lord and master!
Your demonstration of skill was admirable. Pointless... but admirable.
Polish my boots, so long as you're groveling on the floor.
Perfect victory
Your pitiful attempt at combat has only succeeded in annoying me. Begone!
Perfect victory
Though you will never achieve victory, you have earned Doom's respect.
Low Life
A noble effort. Were we not enemies, I would invite you to serve me.
Low Life


Just as there can only be one Caesar or Napoleon, there can only be one Doom!
vs. Doctor Doom
Doom answers to no one. Not even a so-called Spirit of Vengeance.
vs. Ghost Rider
I have faced knights of Camelot, and you are but a pale imitation.
vs. Arthur
This battle has reminded me of the infernal Fantastic Four. For that, you will not live to fight another.
vs. Super Skrull
You are nothing but a common thug. I have little time to waste on the likes of you.
vs. Taskmaster
You will reveal to me the source of your power, or you will die!
vs. Gouki/Akuma
Fighting Doom with arrows is like throwing pebbles at a hurricane.
vs. Hawkeye



This character has not been edited.

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