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Devil Jin
Devil jin ttt2 original small by blood huntress-d47pz9g
Devil Jin as he appears in Tekken Tag Tournament 2


TC, S.Nara, chuchoryu

chuchoryu's version



Devil Jin is basically Jin Kazama consumed by the devil gene, passed on to him by his father. Jinpachi Mishima, escaping captivity when Hon-Maru fell, triggered the evil that had been building up inside Jin. His appearance is very similar to that of his human from with added inhuman traits including horns, wings, tattoos, bone-like horns protuding from his forearms, and light yellow irises.

In M.U.G.E.N, Devil Jin has been made 3 times by S. Nara, TC and chuchoryu.

Chuchoryu's version


Unlike the other two versions, this one has custom-made sprites. It has a feature that if he is the second partner, he disappears off-screen and wait until the first partner appears to be K.O.d. This is because of a feature known as the "TAG feature", based on Tekken Tag Tournament's gameplay. If both characters with "TAG feature" team up, they can tag each other just like in Tekken Tag Tournament. Most of Chuchoryu's Tekken creations have a "No TAG patch". This one however, doesn't have a "No TAG patch". 


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