Devil's Eye Killer (sometimes known as Devil's Eye Kill Common) is a coding method sometimes seen alongside characters that use Chaos/F1 Killer. As the name implies, it is meant to kill an edit of ALSIEL known as Devil's Eye, who is known for being impossible to kill in his 12th palette; the method itself uses many states and is usually used as the common file of the character with the use of Chaos, which keeps Devil's Eye from selfstating out of the custom state, sending him back into the main kill state. The patched version of Devil's Eye is immune to this, however.

List of Characters who have a Devil's Eye Killer

  • V-Madoka
  • R-Masamune
  • General_L
  • Killer Donald Normal (Ronald McDonald edit)
  • THE Donald (Ronald McDonald edit)
  • Pigto Luigi (Luigi edit)
  • Dead of Treason (Ronald McDonald edit)
  • Donald Period -Final Edition- (Ronald McDonald edit)
  • Rugaranai
  • G-Dialga (later palette modes only)

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