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Destroyed Rose Stadium
Destroyed Rose Stadium
Mr. Karate vs. Awakened Saiki on the latter's home stage




Mugen Imperio Latino*





Super Jump




Destroyed Rose Stadium is a stage from the King of Fighters XIII. This is the midboss stage and serves as the home stage for Awakened Saiki.

As expected from a KoF game, the climax of the tournament hits, and the bad guys - in this case Those from the Past - have crashed the tournament.

While Mukai offers to take on the winning team, Saiki is displeased with his previous defeat (as the final boss of The King of Fighters 2003) and decides to take matters into his own hands - he absorbs Mukai, producing the ferocious midboss known as Awakened Saiki.

Saiki then transports the player's team to a hellish version of the Rose Colloseum, where the Time Gate Saiki plans to open and enter through resides.

Do note that the very high resolution of this stage, as with many other King of Fighters XIII stages, can be graphicaly demanding.


The music for this stage is "Fate", Awakened Saiki's theme. It is not included with the stage distribution.


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