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SEVERE WARNING! This article contains information about a character that has move animations that may trigger seizures in readers with photosensitive epilepsy. It is strongly advised that you do not download this character or continue reading this article if you are prone to seizures.

Dee Bee Kaw
Dee Bee Kaw
Dee Bee Kaw's portrait


The_None & Most_Mysterious


The_None & Most_Mysterious's version
Spat856's edit
Infantry00's edit



Dee Bee Kaw is an original character created by The_None. Dee Bee Kaw is essentially a headswap of another M.U.G.E.N character called Eli by XCB, but was given permission by XCB to do this. Despite the similar appearance below the head region, Dee Bee Kaw has several original moves and fighting style of his own, making him very different compared to Eli.

The_None & Most_Mysterious' version

Dee Bee Kaw is a 4 button character and has a fast and crazy fighting style. Some of his attacks involve fast kicks and punches while other moves either involve placing himself into the main attack or using a variety of random methods to attack the player, such as Iron Man's Proton Cannon or an oversized charging hamster. His AI is difficult, he exploits all of his abilities and this allows him to perform massive combos if you let your guard down.

One of Dee Bee Kaw's unique abilities is that he has an unique juggle system that will only allows you to juggle with moves you have yet to juggle into. (Supers are exempt from this rule). The juggle system will treat far and close variants of a basic attack as the same move, however, it will count ground and air variants of a special attack as an separate attack.

Since October 15th, 2011, he was last updated with dozens of new mechanics, new intro poses and a few surprises up his sleves. One major noticable change is the accessibility EX versions of 4 of his moves, which include Rising Grandpa, Pro at Bo, Gen'ei Kyaku (both ground and aerial), and Maherl Bomb (all costing 1 power stock apiece), as well as a new voice, courtesy of The_None's friend Jesuszilla. However, this change had a mix of different reactions; some saw it as a welcome change, others found it a step down from his older soundpack. On Dec. 1st, 2011, The_None responded to this event by releasing an alternate soundpack for DBK, containing all of the quotes he previously had, as well as some other changes, such as his Neurotic Gauge, which randomly changes his basic attacks. The alteration can go both ways, which makes it a double-edged sword, and would mess up combos for the unprepared. The randomization takes effect when the gauge is in the yellow level, and rises every time Dee Bee Kaw attacks, gets hit, and combocount on either side affects how much said gauge would rise. Down+start makes Dee Bee Kaw grab pills to calm down. Giving another reason to do so, the neurotic gauge also doubles as a dizzy mechanic, so eating a large combo with the gauge almost close to the max is guaranteed to make Dee Bee Kaw vulnerable for a similar beatdown. Resorting to other methods of attack evasion (tasmanian dodge) or even focusing on punishing attacks are recommended shall your limbs be close to getting blown off. Such cause has given him the Guard Crush. Which culminates in his limited capabilities to block. Dee Bee Kaw can only guard limited amount of hits in a relatively short span of time. The only indication of when a guard would break is a brief flash of an either red or yellow icon, depending on how close you are to getting crushed. Guarding too many attacks would break your guard by making his arm fall off (leg if he's crouch-guarding), which would be nothing compared to the potential combo Dee Bee Kaw would soon receive thereafter.

Movelist (For Version 1.1)

Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down.


Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Name Command Input Properties
Rising Grandpa [ Button-D ] Button-U Button-Punch
Name Command Input Properties
Pro At Bo FCF Button-Punch CommandGrab

Name Command Input Properties
Gen'ei Kyaku QCB Button-Punch Airok
Name Command Input Properties
Burn to the ground Button-D Button-D Button-MP
Name Command Input Properties
Bangy Bangy Button-D Button-D Button-HP
Name Command Input Properties
Beartrap Condurum Button-D Button-D Button-LP Cptr
Can also affect Dee Bee Kaw
Name Command Input Properties
Rocket Jumpin' Button-D Button-D Button-LK

Name Command Input Properties
Brazil Time Button-3xPunch Requires 1000 Power
Enables a Custom Combo system, but uses up all power currently stocked
Name Command Input Properties
Konami Code Button-U Button-U Button-D Button-D Button-B Button-F Button-B Button-F Button-LP+Button-MP or
Button-U Button-U Button-D Button-D Button-B Button-F Button-B Button-F Button-LK+Button-MK
Freezes animation until command is performed again.

Name Command Input Properties
ActA Button-LK Button-HK Button-U Button-LK Permanent neurotic behavior for remainder of the match.
Name Command Input Properties
Grab Some Pillz Button-D + Button-Start Depletes neurotic gauge completely


Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Name Command Input Properties
A THUD. A WHO QCF QCF Button-Punch Uses 1000 power.
Name Command Input Properties
Proton Cannon
Proton Kanon
Shinkuu Hadouken
Kaiser Wave
Happy Thanksgiving
Omega Tiger Woods Hadouken
Punishment for moving your feet
The XJ220 of Doom
Randomly performed during A THUD. A WHO Proj


Name Command Input Properties
Inch Shaking QCB QCB Button-Punch Uses 1000 power.
Name Command Input Properties
Throne Room Reject [ Button-B ] Button-F Button-B Button-F Button-Punch Uses 1000 power.
Name Command Input Properties
Temperature's risin it's gettin hot Button-U Button-F Button-D Button-Punch Uses 1000 power.
Name Command Input Properties
Hamster Chariot [ Button-B ] Button-F Button-B Button-F Button-LP+Button-MP or
[ Button-B ] Button-F Button-B Button-F Button-MP+Button-HP
Uses 2000 power.
Name Command Input Properties
SCUM-LIKE, TACTFUL, TRUE Button-D Button-D Button-LP+Button-MP Uses 2000 power.
Name Command Input Properties
Shun Goku Hamusuta Satsu Button-LP Button-LP Button-F Button-MP Button-HP Uses 3000 power.

Spat856's edit

This edit of Dee Bee Kaw has some edited sprites and a "censored" soundpack, poorly bleeping out all the suggestive words used. Since Spat removed it from his old website, Mugenfan now hosts this edit on his website.


This is the biggest edit that Spat856 implemented.

Infantry's edit

This edit of Dee Bee Kaw adds additional moves, as well as altering some of the already existent ones. The Neuro and Guard bars have been "fixed", a hyper combo KO background has been added, and additional palettes have been included.


Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Name Command Input Properties
Rising Knee Button-D + Button-HP Airok


Suave Dude Icon This section is currently incomplete. Please help us rectify this.

Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Name Command Input Properties
The Addional a A THUD. A WHO of

Name Command Input Properties
Doremi Harukaze & Omega Tiger Woods Hadouken
Name Command Input Properties
And Henshin Mahou
Name Command Input Properties
Generic Auto Combo HCF HCF Button-MP+Button-HP Uses 3000 power.

Palettes Gallery


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