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Nick Hooper (not to be confused with the character with the same name) was a MUGEN contributor who did work on various characters, usually fixing them or giving them more edge. (If that's how you want to describe it.) Also, his YT activity is entirely gone.

His career mainly started on his YouTube account named DarkDonald1. Starting out as a Donald McDonald edit fan and making constant videos on the run with edits from Donalddesu and PineappleProducer. Later on, he made videos that were named "Golden Ronald vs. Dark Donald," which were epic battle using Donalddesu's 2 edits of Donald in a cheap battle for the uprunning. After that, a sequal and a trilogy were made, giving the account itself a huge jump in subscribers and views. In January of 2012, DarkDonald1 closed his account due to reason of ACTA, or a bill that threatened to eliminate piracy on the internet. (Yes, I realize now that was a really stupid mistake.) He made 3 other accounts that were also closed due to account jumping and lack of followers.

His list of edits:

Donald McDonaldEdit


Donald's Pose

Donald McDonald was DarkDonald1's first step into the editing business. Although his coding well straight-forward, his abilities on the field are much unique and original (Maybe not).

Newer MovesetEdit

His list of newer moves or throws:

Dona-Press (From G-Rugal's God Press)

Glimpse of Fear (From Shadow Dio)

Shake Pillar (From Donalddesu's Ronald's Shake Bomb)

Bomb? [throw] (From Donald EX)

Backwards Throw [throw] (From Ryoko Asakura)


Rush Set (Original Move, another version of 'Unhappy Set')

and his most notable move(s): Blood Shower (Said that it's an extremely cheap move/OHKO) and Rainbow Beam (An idea from Donalddesu, but remade. Original audio from the Nostalgia Critic.)

Donald has never been updated ever since the last update back from last year, he is still being worked on and will be released in due time, in the meantime, DD1 is working on other characters such as Adam, and Nick.

Shadow DonaldEdit

Shadow Donald is another Donald edit which is based off of Shadow Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. His attacks are all changed to simulate Shadow Dio's gameplay, which is pretty neat. He also has more sprites that look like Dio's attacks, made and produced hard-workingly by PineappleProducer, and a palette that looks the color of Shadow Dio's pants, and black hair and face. One thing about this edit is that all his supers cost 1000 power, even his strong hypers.

Sadodes Ako (Satsujinki DD1)Edit


Satsujinki's Pose

Sadodes Ako is the real name of Satsujinki_DD1. He is also an edit of Rouge Noir's Shiki "Satsujinki" character. To most people, it looks much like just a palette swap with nothing done to it. Although this is mostly true, he does have a few patch-ups to him. Like he has most of his effects fixed, and has an originally coded move called "Shun Goku Satsujinki"

In another patch up to him, Satsujinki now has an English voice, who was voiced by DarkDonald1 himself. In a recent update, he has music put inside of his Super KO's or OHKO's.

In yet another update, the voice was updated, and all of his portraits were changed to hand-drawn portraits of Sadodes himself, no longer using Nanaya's portraits as a base. To find him, simply go to the Mediafire website stated.


DarkDonald1, due to reasons concerning ACTA, a bill that threatened to terminate piracy on the Internet, closed his original account. He also has closed his latest account for personal reasons.

DeviantArt Account (Not for MUGEN purpose)

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