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D20Watt is a M.U.G.E.N character editor who alters characters to give them custom voice clips and unique character portraits.

Though he discovered M.U.G.E.N around 2007, D20Watt only started making and editing portraits since 2008. He learned portrait editing from well known YouTuber, DarkValentine1984. Back in 2007, before he started to make custom voice clips, he use to voice characters himself, like Mukai, Lin, Rugal Bernstein, Seth, Ryuji Yamazaki, Duck King, Brian Battler, Lucky Glauber and Heavy D!, all of who are from The King of Fighters.




  • Ryu by POTS
  • Chun Li by Beterhans
  • Ken by POTS
  • Guile by Spaz&Punt
  • Cammy by POTS
  • Sakura by POTS
  • Feilong by N64Mario
  • Dhalsim by RajaaBoy
  • Cody by Hh
  • Ibuki by GM
  • Makoto by NHK
  • Sagat by Kamekaze
  • Boss Sagat by Kamekaze
  • Psycho Weapon MB-02 by SodonHID, O Ilusionista & Ethan Lives
  • M.Bison/Vega by POTS
  • Dream Balrog/Dream Bison by Cannon Musume
  • E.Honda by POTS
  • Zangief by BlackChaos
  • Haggar by Acey
  • Tron Bonne by LegendaryXM90
  • Servbot by Sludge
  • Batman by Alucard
  • Batgirl by THX_1138
  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) by Buyog
  • Captain America by MistikBlaze
  • Spider-Man by Seth Zankuten
  • Savage Hulk by Buyog
  • Thor by Loganir & BlackDragon
  • Ghost Rider by Wucas
  • Storm by Alucard & WhiteMagic2002
  • Iron Man by Magus
  • Iron Man by Gou-Sa
  • Sentinel by XsLaught
  • Dr. Doom by Juan Carlos
  • Magneto by Nobuyuki
  • Magneto by Kyoko, A.I. by Mugenload
  • Wolvenom by DarkTalbain & Cray
  • Galactus by Excursion, N64Mario & Kalangueb
  • Sonic the Hedgehog by MugenHunter
  • Ultimate Guyver by Nadjib "Jeeb" Assani, redone by YoungDragun
  • Piccolo Daimao/King Piccolo by Choujin
  • Rock Howard by Jin
  • Billy Kane by J.Lee & GoD Ryu
  • Geese Howard by Don Drago
  • Mr.Big by David Deminoff
  • Mr.Big by Aomura
  • Omega Goenitz by YongMing & Illusion
  • Rugal Bernstein by Jin
  • Rugal Bernstein by Elphizo
  • K9999 by Silencer & OrochiKOF97
  • Y' by MIT
  • Yashiro Nanakase by Ahuron
  • D-Yashiro by Chin-ya
  • Clark Still by Men's Club
  • Ralf Jones by Men's Club
  • Fio Germi by Ainotenshi
  • King by Aomura
  • Mickey Rogers by NS
  • Heavy D by 3ha
  • Brian Battler by Le@n
  • Lucky Glauber by Sander71113
  • Choi Bounge by >>>ATHENA<<</SHOWARD
  • Chang The Red Aqueous (Red Chang) by Noobic Cube
  • Kasumi by David Deminoff
  • Karman Cole by Mass
  • Karman Cole by chenLY2001
  • Kevin Rian by NHK
  • Marco Rossi by Ahuron
  • Hayate by Ahuron
  • Igniz-Boss by GONZO- (edit by Zelgadis???)
  • Igniz ICT by Unknown Author
  • Zero (Clone) by ICCHA
  • 02 (Zero-Two) by Y•K
  • Original Zero by ICCHA
  • Voltage-Zero by MajicCD
  • Orochi Zero by Zero_Col

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