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cabocha's version (2011)


Cave Story

Curly Brace is a specialized combat robot, former killer turned protector of the Mimigas in the game Cave Story. She is named after the punctuation mark { }.

Curly Brace is one of the bosses encountered in the Sand Zone. Later, she helped the player in the battle against the creatures in the Labyrinth and the Island's Core.

In M.U.G.E.N, Curly Brace has been made by cabocha. An add-on patch by Fluff8836 provides new states, cleaner Victory and Defeat songs, alternate portraits, Arcade Storyboards and more, but requires the original character's files.

Cabocha's version

Curly Brace Stand

Curly is fairly faithful to its source material, containing sounds and music from Cave Story, as well as Curly's two weapons, the red Machine Gun and the blue Nemesis, which it uses as part of its moveset, allowing it to fire both long-range and short-range shots. Its A.I. is quite transparent, usually firing long-range shots or charging up Power from afar, and using short-range shots, a kick or a Hyper when up-close.

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