Creepy Cursed Ghost
GhostR B
In-game sprite from Pokémon Red and Blue







Creepy Cursed Ghost (also known as Ghost) is based on the sprite of Ghost from the creepypasta Pokémon Creepy Black, which in turn is the sprite from Pokémon Red and Blue of the ghost encountered inside the Pokémon Tower when the player has not yet obtained the Silph Scope.

Ghost is obtained in Pokémon Creepy Black once the player has obtained their starter Pokémon. It only has the move Curse, which normally would either raise the user's Attack and Defense stats in exchange of lowering the Speed stat, or reduce the user's HP to half and inflict a curse on the opposing Pokémon; however, Curse was not introduced until Generation II, and so this variant of the move does neither of the previous, but instead literally kills the opposing Pokémon, making the screen go black while a distorted version of the Pokémon's battle cry plays. When facing a Pokémon Trainer, and they have run out of Pokémon to use, Ghost can use Curse and kill them too.

Creepy Cursed Ghost was made for M.U.G.E.N by Redline, purely for the purpose of being a joke character; it cannot move, attack, or be damaged by normal means, so the only way to defeat this character without using a cheap character or cheapie is to press the F1 key. Missingno. also changes its appearance to that of this character via one of his hypers. Creepy Cursed Ghost can only be beaten with characters such as G-Guanyin-ICE, The God of Chuck Norris series, ONI-MIKO-X (albeit after a very long time) and Crazy Catastrophe.



Although the Ghost cannot move, deal or take damage, it does have a method of defeating the opponent. Once the round has begun, Red and Blue's Lavender Town theme will start playing, and the background will start to get darker and darker until it is completely black - once this happens, the opponent will get K.O.'d (most likely to mimic what happens in Creepy Black) and maniacal laughter can be heard. Ghost can also relay a few sound clips by pressing any of the action buttons (excluding movement buttons and the start button), but they do nothing in particular.







This character does not have any Special or Hyper Attacks.

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