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AxKing & Flammableking's version (2013)

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AxKing & Flammableking's version (2013)



Cranom is an original character made by Flammableking, designed to be put into his fullgame, Demolition Crew.

Cranom is a military weapon, created with simple shapes such as squares and circles. It was taught and given weapons by the military, but because it has received damage over the years, its artificial intelligence has dropped to that of a child. There is still a part of it that acts as gruff and aggressive as it did before the down-grade, and that side still comes out during battle, giving the creature a split personality. The child personality is signified by a nervous, high pitched voice, while the tough side sports a gruff, low pitched voice. It comes equipped with several gadgets, such as rocket fists, lasers, and springs in the feet.

In M.U.G.E.N, Cranom has been made once by AxKing & Flammableking.

AxKing & Flammableking's version


Despite being a beta, this version of Cranom seems just about as finished as AxKing & Flammableking's other Demolition Crew characters. Even if it uses custom sprites, it is still bugged and uses the same template as all the others.