Cool Spot
Artwork from Cool Spot



Oldest version

fer619's version (2009)

Newest version

RoySquadRocks' version (2014)



Cool Spot was a mascot for the soft drink 7-up in the United States. He first appeared in 1987, the same year Fido Dido was liscensed to PepsiCo. He was replaced by Fido Dido in the US in the early 2000s.

Cool Spot is arguably most well known for the Cool Spot game for the Sega Genesis and its sequel Spot Goes to Hollywood, both developed by Virgin Interactive, though the former is more well-known. Cool Spot is a single-player platformer where you can run, jump and shoot bubbles in any direction. There are spots placed in the levels to pick up. Its sequel is more 3D-oriented and involves Cool Spot getting trapped in a movie projector.

In M.U.G.E.N, Cool Spot has been made by fer619 and RoySquadRocks.

fer619's version


fer619's version of Cool Spot is the first version created. He is pretty basic with a three-button layout, six Specials and only one Hyper. He appears to be based on the Sega Genesis Cool Spot game and uses the sprites from said game.


RoySquadRocks' version


While RoySquadRocks' version appears to be heavily based off fer619's version, sharing the sprites and a lot of their attack animations, he uses RoySquadRocks' own gameplay and a six-button layout and has three different A.I. settings.


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