Yoshi trying the bonus game






Contra NES

Contra (M-NES_Game2) is a bonus game by Bane84 based off the first level in Contra. You play as your character to get to the wall at the end of the level and destroy the red orb on it. You have ten lives, and when you lose all of them, you get a game over and the bonus game wins. You can drop down from platforms by pressing crouch quickly, and any attack state fires your gun (Which may shoot out of awkward places, such as Dancing Banana's seed).


Guns are the main feature in this game, and are fired by attacking. These are all the guns:

Rifle: Your measly peashooter that you start with. This is respawned each time you die.

Machine Gun (M): The longer the attack lasts, the more bullets you fire. You can have up to 6 onscreen.

Spread Gun (S): This shoots out 5 bullets at once. You can have to 10 onscreen.

Laser (L): This creates a small multi-hit laser. This can hit up to 5 foes.

Rapid Fire (R): The bullets simply travel faster.

Flamethrower (F): This shoots fireballs that move in spirals.

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