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Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders as depicted on the logo for KFC




Original (Updated)
Colonel SE
Dark Colonel
Symbiote Sanders
Killer Colonel is currently unavailable
Golden Colonel
Dark Blood Colonel
Ocean Blue Colonel
God Eternal Colonel Sanders
Red Colonel
Oni Dark Colonel is currently unavailable
Blood Colonel
Sandbag Sanders
Killer Colonel Easy
Colonel FJ
Blazing Sanders
Blood Colonel-ABSOLUTE
Ultimate Colonel
Dark Colonel EX
Buried Colonel is currently unavailable
Resolute Blade is currently unavailable
Invincible Colonel
The Will of Universe-Colonel
Blue Colonel V0.3
Awakening Colonel
Killer Colonel Normal
Universe Colonel (edits by ABSOLUTE_Yveltal)



Colonel Harland David Sanders (born September 9, 1890 - died December 16, 1980) was an American businessman and founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food chain. His image and likeness are currently used as the company's mascot.

In M.U.G.E.N, Colonel Sanders has been made by various creators.

Peg's version


Created to fight against his competitor Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders is almost as famous as him in the M.U.G.E.N community, and has also been edited many times. He is a bit of a simple character with a gameplay that is quite different from Donald's, however, and he may be a bit underpowered and have a few gameplay issues, but he has a brutal custom A.I.


Fantastic Colonel

Fantastic Colonel

Fantastic Colonel has hit boxes that can hit the opponent anywhere and can shoot fireballs and electricity. He is also capable of using the Raging Demon. Anytime he is hit, he will evade the attack instead of suffering from hitstun, but will still take damage.

Killer Colonel


Many of Killer Colonel's attacks are a OHKO and cover the screen, his health is controlled by a separate lifebar in the corner. Once this lifebar hits ZERO Killer Colonel becomes defeated. However, in his 12th palette this is not the case, as the lifebar is unlimited and he gains Chaos/F1 Killer priority.

Blue Colonel


A joke edit of Dark Sanders by Untruthful Dragon, also known as Ocean Blue Colonel 2nd is a revamp of an older edit the author made in the past. This edit is much stronger, has new Specials, new Hypers and new intros. He also has a non-cheap palette (8th) as well as a dark palette (11th), his A.I. loves to spam strikers and spam projectiles.

The Will of Universe-Colonel

Thewillofuniversecolonelstand Thewillofuniversecolonelwings

An edit of Dark Sanders by RM-065, it basically is a parody of the Orochi edit "The Will of Universe", having similar effects and attacks to it. This edit is fairly cheap having many screen fillers and reversals, however it suffers a flaw of being able to be killed with Hitpausetime lifesets.


  • Colonel Sanders has a special intro against Ronald McDonald.
  • Colonel is also an attack assist for Donalddesu's Ronald McDonald.
  • Colonel Sanders appears in one of the Giant Chicken's intros, running away from him.
  • Dark Sanders appears as one of Dark Spongebob's helpers.
  • The theme that plays for Killer Colonel is Rose At Twilight by NemesisTheory.