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Clones are a type of character that spawn multiple versions of themselves through helpers that the AI usually controls. Typically, each individual clone has a set amount of life, and when defeated, will lower the character's overall life.

To clone characters you must insert a code into common1.cns and a helper in State -2. There are a few clone characters for M.U.G.E.N, most of them can be cheap, if the character cloned has Brutal or Cheap A.I. The first person to use this is Most Mysterious.

Examples of clone characters

Suave Dude Icon
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  • Andersonkenya1's clone edits
  • LuigiTheYoshi11's Mario clones
  • Tanicfan22's Luigi clones 
  • Rox Howard Clones
  • Saibamen
  • Most Donald edits in their 11th pallete
  • MetalGuy213's Omega Tiger Woods (11th Pallete)

Cloning Move

The cloning move is a special attack that makes a clone of the opponent that then assists the user of the cloning move. This is known to be buggy and won't work if the opponent doesn't have states 200-220 and 400-420 implemented and so far can only be controlled by the A.I. The first known character to utilize this type of move is RockRage8962 and IDGCaptainRussia's Rainbow Dash.