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The_None's version (2016)

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The_None's version (2016)



Clippit (also known by its nickname of Clippy), was an intelligent user interface included with older versions of Microsoft Office software.

Its purpose was to interface with the Office help content. Clippy was not the only assistant available. Other asisstants included a robot, a dog and caricatures of Einstein and Shakespeare. Clippit received negative acclaim from many users, and it's often parodied and memes are made of it in popular culture. It was even made fun of by Microsoft itself, and it was eventually removed altogether in newer versions of Office.

In M.U.G.E.N, Clippit has been made by The_None.

The_None's versionEditiconProfanityicon


After this character was lost in a HDD crash in 2006, and was released as an April Fools character in 2012, it finally sees the light of day after 10 years. This character notably has a larger damage output than other characters, but it also comes with a lower Defence and only one projectile move. It also comes with a brutal A.I. that barely leaves it open to attacks.


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