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Oldest version

AxKing's version (2014)

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AxKing's version (2014)



Clauncher is a Water-type Pokémon from the Pokémon series. It evolves into Clawitzer, and appears at #032 in the Coastal Kalos Pokédex and #692 in the National Pokédex.

Using the enlarged pincer on the right side of its body, Clauncher can fire compressed shots of water that are so powerful, they can shatter rocks; it uses this ability to ward off predators and deal heavy damage to opponents in battle.

In M.U.G.E.N, Clauncher was made by AxKing for his Pokémon full game, simply titled 'Pokemon'. It attacks primarily by shooting projectiles from its large pincer, but also slashes at and rams into opponents. It appears to be a spriteswap of DG's Ryu character, although it plays nothing like it.

AxKing's version


Ripped straight from AxKing's Pokémon full game, clauncher, like almost all the other characters from the game, is plagued with infinites, and powerful ones at that. The character's moveset is limited, and outside of infinites, it has no real comboability.

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