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Artwork from Street Fighter 5




Kazmer13's version
Masa's version (SSF2T)
Muteki's version (SF3)
Warusaki3's version (CvS)
MDK's version (SvC)
Rabid Angel & Angel Myst's version (MvC)
Burning Typhoon's Version
Jmorphman's version
Splode's version (SGFMM)
Big Eli King's Dark Chun Li(Custom)
CVS Artist's version


Street Fighter

Chun-Li is a significant female fighter from the Street Fighter series. First appeared in Street Fighter II (Or Street Fighter 2), she has since appeared as a player character in nearly all subsequent games in the series. Chun-Li is notable for being the first female playable character in a fighting game, earning her the status of "the first lady of fighting games".

Chun-Li is a Chinese martial artist and Interpol agent, whose father was killed by M. Bison. Because of this, she seeks to destroy Shadaloo and bring Bison to justice. After Shadaloo is gone for good, she becomes a martial arts teacher and continues her work as a police officer.

In M.U.G.E.N, Chun-Li was made by various authors.

MK Chun-Li

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Masa and Kazmer13's Chun Lis are two of the few Street Fighter characters given a fighting style that doesn't work like the respective game they're in, and instead working more like a Mortal Kombat character. Their sprites are from Street Fighter 2 with various MK2 and MK3 spriterips. They are two of the few non-Mortal Kombat characters who can perform the game's trademark fatalities.

WhiteMagic2002's version


WhiteMagic2002's take on the strongest woman in the world is based off Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. While it is missing a Hyper from said game, this version manages to be rather source accurate. As an added bonus, it also contains various new fancy, flashy, and visually appealing effects.


Supermystery's version


A rather ordinary port of Chun-Li from X-Men vs. Street Fighter. It does seem to emulate the source game decently, but also has slightly increased comboability and a tough A.I.


Jmorphman's Chun-Li

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A recently made Chun-Li made by Jmorphman has CVS styled sprites and effects, but the gameplay is based on SSF4 with a level 3 hyper Hosenka.

Beterhans' Chun Li

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A very unique edited version of Chun Li, done by Beterhans. This version has a very competative A.I. unlike other versions of Chun Li. Her sprites are from the Capcom vs SNK games.

She has also several intros with other Capcom and SNK characters, including special intros with Gill, Shin Gouki, and her doppelganger.


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