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Azumanga Daioh

Chiyo-chichi is a strange yellow cat like creature from the anime/manga series, Azumanga Daioh, who appears in the dreams of Ayumu Kasuga and Sakaki. He claims to be the father of Chiyo Mihama, on account of "chichi" being preceeded by the same first name. In addition, he is inconsistent about whether he really is a cat, leading to the pondering of the whereabouts and identity of Chiyo's real father, (and mother for that matter), which are unknown. (It shown in the anime that they are alive, and in the manga Chiyo is seen waking her parents up at her house, but they are never seen or heard)

In M.U.G.E.N, Chiyo-chichi has been made only once by Daniel9999999GMC.


Chiyo-chichi's gameplay is mainly that of the game of which his graphics originate, a downloadable PC game AzuFight, down to the physics and comboability. As of now, the AI doesn't make much of an effort to do any major damage or combos, and word of an AI update has not been released by the creator. For now, the character is of quality and stability, much like all the other Azumanga Daioh characters.



x: Weak Attack

y: Medium Attack

z: Heavy Attack

a: Stylish Cancel Button (SC)

c: Power Charge

Hold Up: Float, Left or right to steer

DP = (F, D, DF)

QCF = (D, DF, F)

QCB = (D, DB, B)

HCF = (B, D, F)

HCB = (F, D, B)


QCF, x: Blue Slash Low. (Hold and release)

QCF, y: Blue Slash High. (Hold and release, press z to launch opponent)

QCF, x (In air): Weak Scratch Hold (Cannot be held)

QCB + z: Tomato. (If successfully hit-confirmed, it powers up any of the Blue Slash moves. One Tomato powers the speed of these moves, 2 or More Tomatoes make the Blue Slashes a very powerful move that hits multiple times)

DP + z: Jumping Twirl

F, x: Arm Stretch

Stylish Cancel Specials

D, D, SC+Life < 33%+Full Powerbar: Burst-Increases Speed, Attack Power and Defensive Power for 15 seconds

QCF, SC+1000 Power: Exploding Dive, tracks opponent, Inflicts Guard Break.

SC+Guardstun+1000 Power: Guard cancel

SC+1000 Power: Showtime

QCF, SC+1000 Power (In air): Air Showtime-Has three finishers:

-Z: Wall Smash

-Y: Ground Smash

-X: Grab


QCF, HCB, z: SUPER TWIRL (1000 power needed) (Control with movement keys)

QCB, DB, F, z/QCB, HCF, P: EXPLODING WAVE (1000 power needed)

QCBx2, z: MACH 100 (1000 power needed)

QCFx2, z: SUPER TOMATO THROW (1000 power needed, the tomatoes count for the powering up as well)

x, x, F, y, z (Burst Mode): I AM THE CAT

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