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Chespin PSMD
Artwork from Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon



Oldest version

Satanchu's first version (2013)

Newest version

Dylanius9000's version (2016)



Chespin is a Grass-type Pokémon from the Pokémon series. It is the first stage of the Chesnaught evolution family and the Grass type starter of the Kalos region. It appears at #001 in the Central Kalos Pokédex and #650 in the National Pokédex.

Chespin are very curious by nature, though this tends to get them into trouble. They shield themselves from attackers with their hard shells and strike back by stiffening their head spikes and stabbing the attacker with them.

In M.U.G.E.N, Chespin has been created twice by Satanchu. The first version is a spriteswap of Kung Fu Man (animations, commands and Arcade storyboard) with hints of SuperMario64's coding. The second version is more custom.

Satanchu's first version


Past its quirky sprites and cute poses lies an abomination that combines the animations and commands of Kung Fu Man, coding (claimed to be accidentally) taken from SuperMario64 and victory quotes taken from Satanchu's cancelled Bowser character.


Satanchu's second version


Remade from scratch, Satanchu's second attempt at a Chespin character showed the M.U.G.E.N community that Hitmonchan isn't the only Pokémon that can wear boxing gloves. Its sprites are custom, and its moveset (while not referencing the Pokémon games in any way) involves many projectile-based attacks and assists.

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