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Chased by Spike and Fruit is a level within the 2D indie platforming game, I Wanna Be the Guy, set just before Kraidgief's Lair. As the name would suggest, the level's hazards revolve around spikes and falling fruit.

In M.U.G.E.N, Chased by Spike and Fruit has been created by fhqwhgads7. It is heavily based around its appearance in I Wanna Be the Guy, moving about with various events occurring in the background, eventually stopping before Kraidgief's Lair.

The stage travels across the area, starting near where the moving spikes will appear. After a small amount of time, the stage will shake and the floor will start to move to the right, where the spikes will appear from the ground and begin heading in the same direction. As the spikes move to the right, it will destroy everything in its path, knocking out apples from the trees and so on. Once the spikes reach a certain point of the stage, the moving platform will shake and then stop, remaining there for the rest of the match.

Background music

The music used is the Kirby's Dream Land Green Greens remix from Kirby's Adventure.



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