Guile Sonic Boom

Guile from Street Fighter, a quintessential charge character, using Sonic Boom, which is done using a charge motion of [ Button-B ] Button-F Button-xyz

A charge character is any character in a fighting game where the majority of their special move inputs involve the use of charge commands.

Charge commands typically involve holding a certain direction for a specific period of time, usually 42~47 ticks depending on game (roughly 3/4 of a second), then performing the rest of the command. For instance, Guile's Sonic Boom Special is performed with [ Button-B ] Button-F Button-xyz, which involves holding Button-B for a certain amount of time, then releasing and quickly inputting Button-F, then Button-xyz. Another example of a charge input is the [ Button-D ] Button-U motion, which follows the same principle.

As a form of input leniency, most games will detect a held direction in 4 ways. For instance, a player holding UB or DB will still be detected by the game as a Button-B charge, while holding DB or DF will be detected as a Button-D charge. Due to this, a player using a charge character can hold DB to satisfy the charge prerequisites for both the [ Button-B ] Button-F and [ Button-D ] Button-U inputs simultaneously, and then complete the corresponding input for the proper situation. Likewise, a [ Button-D ] Button-U motion will also accept UB and UF for the final directional input. Certain characters even make explicit use of this, such as Vega's Sky High Claw and Flying Barcelona Attack, which use the final directional input to determine which side of the stage Vega jumps to before performing the rest of the attack.

Note that certain charge command inputs will require a DB charge, such as most Delta/Pretzel command hypers ([ DB ] Delta) or Vega's Scarlet Terror ([ DB ] Button-F).

Charge characters in M.U.G.E.N

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