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This article is about the character from Sonic the Hedgehog. For other uses of Chaos, see Chaos (disambiguation)

Artwork of Chaos 0 from Sonic Runners



Oldest version

MUGENHunter's version (2009)

Newest version

Latroy6's version (2017)


Sonic the Hedgehog

Chaos is the main antagonist of the game Sonic Adventure. Originally a regular Chao, it mutated into a strange water-like creature, known as Chaos 0, after exposure to the Master Emerald and became the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, Master Emerald and the Chao. However, four thousand years ago, Pachacamac, the leader of the Echidna tribe, planned to steal the Master Emerald. His daughter, Tikal, tried to prevent him from doing so, but Pachacamac didn't listen and Chaos absorbed the negative power of the Chaos Emeralds and transformed into Perfect Chaos, a massive dragon-like creature, killing Pachacamac and most of the Echidna Tribe. Tikal sacrificed herself to link her consciousness to Chaos and sealed herself into the Master Emerald along with Chaos.

However, when Dr. Eggman shattered the Master Emerald and released Chaos and Tikal thousands of years later, Chaos followed Dr. Eggman so it could get the Chaos Emeralds back. After Eggman's plans failed, Chaos abandoned him and sought after the Chaos Emeralds itself. After successfully finding them, it transformed into Perfect Chaos once again, flooding Station Square. However, after Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, he defeated Perfect Chaos. Tikal reunited with Chaos and they disappeared together. Chaos later reappeared in Sonic Battle and Perfect Chaos reappeared in Sonic Generations.

In M.U.G.E.N, Chaos 0 has been made by MUGENHunter, Veanko and Latroy6. MUGENHunter's version has been edited by Shiruzato.

MUGENHunter's versionEditiconSeizureicon


This character uses The King of Fighters-styled gameplay, akin to MUGENHunter's other characters. However, its low damage output, low comboability, limited ranged attacks and few Specials and Hypers make it a very hard character to use.


Veanko's version


This version of Chaos uses the sprites from MUGENHunter's version. It is intended as a boss character, having a high Life stat, a tough A.I. and increased damage output, though this is offset by its very slow movement speed and sluggish attacks.

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