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Artwork from


The Pizzaman


The Pizzaman's version


Resident Evil

The Cerberus was a B.O.W. series developed in Umbrella labs, such as the Arklay Laboratory, from a doberman pinschers infected with the Tyrant virus. Strangely enough, they aren't actually zombie dogs, but then again, alot of things in Resident Evil are caused by the T-Virus.

They seemed to have not been infected/worsened by the T-Virus like Humans, as they still have large amount of agility. Apparently, Leon Kennedy has a fear of them and so does Chris Redfield.

In M.U.G.E.N, it was made by The Pizzaman.


Cerberus idle stance

It is a four buttoned character and it has helper Cerberus. The attacks consist of two tackles meant to knock the enemy and a striker Cerberus. It appears it does not have any specials or hypers of any sort. It can be found in the Resident Evil beta.


  • The creature found in several Greek/Roman mythologies (Hades' watchdog.)
  • The generic name attributed to the doggies in Resident Evil that try to bite you
  • A persona in the Shin Megami Tensei Games
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