This category should contain character versions that are able to perform EX Moves. An EX Move is a type of move that is a stronger version of its corresponding Special Move, but costs a certain amount of power to use. To do an EX Move, the player simply does the Special as it is normally done, only with pressing two Button-xyz/Button-abc buttons, depending on the move. The amount of Power they cost usually varies from game to game, like how Darkstalkers and Waku Waku 7 had them take up as much Power as a Super, while Street Fighter IV had them take up 1/4 of the Super gauge. With most M.U.G.E.N characters, it takes up either 330 or 500 Power.

Do be aware that while "EX" is the universally accepted term, the creator may not label them as such (as is the case with Elecbyte's Kung Fu Man, who has its EX moves labelled as "Fast"). In addition, not all EX moves are necessarily performed through two Button-xyz/Button-abc button, as some characters have them assigned to a single button, typically (Z)Button-z or (C)Button-c, with the regular versions of the Specials assigned to (X)Button-x and (Y)Button-y, or (A)Button-a and (B)Button-b, respectively.