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Castle Calamity is a flash video on Newgrounds which consists of Mario trying and failing to blow up a castle, with his plans always backfiring. Many versions of this flash video have been released all around the internet, all in which have the same story: Mario always failing to take down the castle. In Super Mario World, this castle appears in cutscenes right after Mario defeats one of the Koopalings.

In M.U.G.E.N, Castle Calamity has been made once by N-Mario inspired by the original flash animation, where it is a bonus game. 

N64Mario's version

Castle Calamity cannot be controlled by the player, as it is a bonus game. However, the player can push the Enter key to start the game.

The intro consists of the character the player is controlling going on a stroll minding his/her own buisness when suddenly, a castle falls, surprising the character. The character does his/her taunt, and then, the game begins. The objective is to try to destroy the castle, though the castle takes no damage from attacks. The castle starts by moving away from the player once he/she gets close, and then the player has to do something like push a switch, hitting a ? block, and so on. However, just like the flash video itself, the plans always backfire, and the player always ends up getting hurt by the castle. 

Castle Calamity's different scenarios include:

  •  Running towards the castle, only for it to move away
  •  Detonating a fuse that either goes farther than the castle, setting the player ablaze, rocketing them towards the sky, or summoning a Banzai Bill
  •  Using a Crouching attack on the Castle, forcing it to topple over them
  •  Hitting a big blue switch with a "!" on it that transports the player to the infamous "Adventure" game on the Atari where an Atari Dragon follows you and eats you, only to be carried away by a bat.
  •  Hitting a Smaller "!" switch that removes the floor
  •  Hitting a "?" block that crushes the player.
  •  Running at the Castle again, only to slam face-first into it, then explode.
  •  A giant Metroid latches onto the player, who fell asleep for no reason whatsoever, and carries him/her away.
  • The Castle beating up the player for no reason.
  • What looks like the player appears on the ground, but the real player is actually on the ceiling.

Castle Calamity also comes included with documentation to allow other creators to add their own scenarios, which can then be toggled to randomly appear during gameplay. By default, this randomization is turned off.


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