Captain Kidd
Captain Kidd
Artwork from World Heroes 2




Kaio's version
Guri's version


World Heroes

Captain Kidd is a pirate and playable character from the World Heroes series. He first appeared in World Heroes 2 and appeared in the rest of the games in the series (World Heroes 2 Jet and World Heroes Perfect).

Captain Kidd's entry into the World Heroes tournament was motivated by boredom, as he felt that robbing and plundering was getting too easy. Fighting in a style that closely resembles tavern brawling, Captain Kidd can throw sharks and boats made out of water-like energy, as well as packing some powerful kicks. He also has a vulture that appears in his intro, poses with him when he wins and even attacks the foe during his Hero Desperation move, but the vulture's name is unknown. He was inspired by Captain William Kidd.

In M.U.G.E.N, Captain Kidd has been made three times by Kaio, Guri, and Mouser.

Mouser's version


Mouser's version of Captain Kidd uses World Heroes Perfect sprites as well as six button gameplay.

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