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Candyman artwork
Artwork from Lethal League



Oldest version

FourthRhyme's version (2016)

Newest version

FourthRhyme's version (2016)


Lethal League

Candyman is a mutated, mentally-ill "tap-dancing dandy" who originates from Lethal League. He is a tall, lanky humanoid with a large, yellow head and abnormally long fingers, most likely caused by his mutation; he also carries a cane and wears a small red bowler cap.

Candyman has the ability to change an object's composition simply by touching it. He is shown to have a carefree nature, referenced in how he says "Wa-oh! Look out!" and "Have a jawbreaker!" when launching the ball.

In M.U.G.E.N, Candyman has been made once by FourthRhyme.

FourthRhyme's version


Designed to be accurate to the source game, this version of Candyman is a simple character that only makes use of two buttons, and as a result, it only has two Specials and one Hyper. Candyman can be considered a "glass cannon"-esque character due to its increased Attack stat, but lower Defence.


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