Cali Bear
Cali Bear
Cali Bear as he appears in the Skechers Caligear commercial



Oldest version

MLGPoliwhirl's version (2014)

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MLGPoliwhirl's version (2014)



Cali Bear was the short-lived advertising mascot for the Cali Gear range of children's footwear created by Skechers. Ultimately, his goal was to promote the Cali Gear range, attempting to appeal to children with "Cali Bits" that can be attached to the shoes, as well as the notion of them being "squishable and squashable", and "waterproof and washable".

Appearing in only two adverts, not a whole lot is known about Cali Bear. Going by what small screen time he has had, he appears to be fun-loving and very friendly, with a similar voice to Barney the Dinosaur and Big the Cat, and will break out in song just to tell children about his Cali Gear shoes, of which he is very fond of.

In M.U.G.E.N, Cali Bear was made by MLGPoliwhirl. It is a spriteswap of RicePigeon's Flame Hyenard, replacing the "BURN! BURN!" and "BURN TO THE GROUND!" quotes with the song sung by Cali Bear during one of the Cali Gear advertisements.

MLGPoliwhirl's versionEditicon

It's not squishable, it's not squashable, it's not waterproof and it's definitely not washable; the only thing this bear will be giving out is unavoidable pain, courtesy of screen-wide flames, and most certainly not fiddly little things to stick on your shoes.