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Byakuren Hijiri
Byakuren Th145
Byakuren as she appears in Urban Legend in Limbo



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Gomashio's version (2009)

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Deoxgigas' version (2016)


Touhou Project

Byakuren Hijiri is a Buddhist nun and magician from Touhou Project. She is the final boss of Undefined Fantastic Object, and later became a playable character in the fighting spin-off game Hopeless Masquerade.

Byakuren was sealed away in Makai 1,000 years ago by humans because of her kindness towards youkai. During the events of Undefined Fantastic Object, the various youkai (Nazrin, Ichirin Kumoi, Minamitsu Murasa and Shou Toramaru) she had saved reappear to break her free from her seal. She is now the head priestess at the Myouren Temple, which is populated mostly by youkai. Due to the ongoing conflict between the Buddhists and Taoists, Byakuren is also the mortal enemy of Toyosatomimi no Miko, whom she tried to prevent from resurrecting prior to the events of Ten Desires.

In M.U.G.E.N, Byakuren Hijiri has been made by various authors.

MLiconRicePigeon's version


Trained in the martial arts of Buddhist monks, amplified by the Sorcery of the Sutra Scroll, Byakuren uses a deadly combination of magic and melee to engage foes. Although each of Byakuren's spells require her to charge beforehand, considering that Byakuren has a spell for all possible scenarios, this should hardly be an issue.

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