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Oldest version

Princevegeta's version (2000)

Newest version

Stig87's version (2007)


Dragon Ball

Burter (nicknamed the Blue Hurricane) is a blue, tall mutant in the Dragon Ball series. He is often associated with Frieza, and more specifically, Ginyu, as part of the Ginyu Force. Burter is the faster member of the Ginyu Force and is often shown to perform combo attacks with his comrade Jeice, with examples such as the Purple Comet Attack, the Purple Sprial Flash and the Purple Comet Hurricane.

Burter originally got his powers from childhood, much like the other members of the Ginyu Force. His mother, who was very strict to Burter, supplied him with various household chores as well as slapping him if he was late at preparing dinner. Because of all his mother's harsh commands, Burter would become the fastest in the univese. He later went on and become a part of the Ginyu Force, where the group would be sent to Planet Namek on Frieza's orders to find Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan to prevent Vegeta's wish of immortality.

In M.U.G.E.N, Burter has been made by Princevegeta and Stig87. Princevegeta's Burter is filled to the brim with various problems that can cause the character to become very problematic. Stig87's Burter was created specifically to be similar to CHOUJIN's characters from his (now abandoned) Mugen DBZ Dream project; because of this, Burter takes many cues from the Dragon Ball manga and anime, as well as having Jeice integrated into its gameplay.

Princevegeta's version


Considering this character's age, as well as it being in a beta state, it's no wonder why Burter does not work properly with anything after DOS M.U.G.E.N. Issues ranging from palette problems to awkwardly placed hitboxes damages the character's quality, assuming if it had any quality to begin with. It's creations like this that make you remember why Dragon Ball characters got such a bad reputation back in the day.


Stig87's version


At first glance, this version of Burter seems to be just another par for the course MugenDream Dragon Ball character, but this is far from the case, as the fastest fighter in the universe not only has the various speed-related attacks at its disposal, but has Jeice to back it up for some unique combinations. The Blue Hurricane also seems to have trained with Chun-Li at some point...



  • Burter makes a cameo appearance in one of Vegeta Z2's intros.
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