Bully In The Launderette
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Mr. Bean

The Bully In The Launderette is an antagonist from the Mr. Bean short, Tee Off, Mr Bean. He is played by Grant Masters.

Not much is known about him, not even his name. According to the short, he practices martial arts, is a black belt and carries a pair of nunchuks, although he never uses them in the episode. He is a very aggressive man, shoving the weaker Mr Bean aside, stealing his washing machine and nonverbally threatening him, despite Mr. Bean doing nothing wrong. He enjoys picking on those weaker than he is, shown when he holds Mr Beans's pants down. It is implied he beat up the owner of the launderette at the end of the short.

In M.U.G.E.N, he was created by Beanfan112.

Beanfan112's version


Some of Beanfan112's old shame. It utilizes four buttons, two Specials and two Hypers, as well as Chain Comboing. Armed with a belt, a gun and a washing machine that fires soap at the rate of a gatling gun, this bully will make you regret laughing at its MS Paint body.