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Buggy the Clown
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One Piece

Buggy the Clown is a recurring villain in the anime/manga series One Piece. The only known version of Buggy for Mugen is the character from One Piece: Grand Line Bout. This character is not available to the public except through downloading the betas for the game, in an attempt to prevent character theft. Like all of the other characters in the game, Buggy uses all six buttons in-game.

Character BackgroundEdit

Buggy the Clown began his career as a pirate-in-training on board a ship. The crew was small, only consisting of a single ship unlike others who had twenty or even fifty ships. However, this particular ship was captained by the legendary pirate and future king of the pirates Gol D. Roger. While on board this ship, he met Shanks, who immediately irked him. Nonetheless, the two formed an odd friendship, but Buggy held a grudge ever since Shanks accidentally made him eat a Devil Fruit, which gave him super-powers at the cost of never being able to swim again. Since Buggy was treasure hungry and this prevented him from finding treasures underwater, he never forgave Shanks for this. After his captain's execution, Buggy hung around the East Blue, terrorizing towns until he was put to a stop by a budding pirate crew and their captain, Monkey D. Luffy. After a failed attempt at killing Luffy a short time later, Buggy and his crew entered the Grand Line, an unpredictable section of the sea which Roger conquered and was rumoured to have stored his treasure, known as One Piece, to pursue Luffy and his ever-growing crew. Buggy's crew, although weak and ill-prepared for the voyage, apparently survived due to their captain's experience in the area. However, Buggy's greed got the best of him, as he accidentally entered a Marine base thinking that it was the location of a famous treasure. This led to his arrest and incarceration in Impel Down, an inescapable government prison, where he encountered Monkey D. Luffy once more. The two broke out, along with a large number of prisoners, and headed to the Marine Headquarters against Buggy's wishes. Luffy's infiltration into Impel Down was done so he could rescue his brother, Portgas D. Ace, who had been arrested, but he had been transferred to the Marine Headquarters for execution. Shortly after arriving at the headquarters, the Marines discovered that Buggy had been a member of Roger's crew and instrumental to the jailbreak. As well, they believed him to be an ally of Shanks, although this was not the case. All of this caused Buggy to want to go along with Luffy and his group of escapees, so that he could increase his reputation further in the eyes of the world.


  • A: red coat and hat, purple scarf, white pants, blue hair (Buggy's general outfit)
  • B: black coat and hat, burgundy scarf, white pants, red hair
  • C: red coat and hat, blue scarf, white pants, black hair
  • X: yellow coat and hat, purple scarf, white pants, blue hair
  • Y: brown coat and hat, purple scarf, white pants, pink hair
  • Z: blue coat and hat, purple scarf, white pants, blue hair

Standing MovesEdit

  • A: throw knife
    • A twice: throw two knives
      • A three times: throw three knives
  • B: Bara Bara Cannon - Buggy launches his hand at the opponent, holding knives as he does so
  • C: Bara Bara Rice Cracker - Buggy sends his legs cartwheeling at his opponent, with a knife attached to his shoes, while his torso stays in one place
  • X: kick
    • X twice: sword swing
  • Y: Bara Bara Cannon
    • Y twice: Bara Bara Cannon Detach - his hand separates at the wrist, allowing his attack to go further

Mid-Air MovesEdit

  • A: Bara Bara Car - Buggy turns into a car in midair and drives at his opponent
  • B: leg separation - Buggy separates his legs from his body so he can jump higher
  • C: stab - Buggy uses his hands and feet, separated from his body with knives attached to them, to stab at his opponent
  • X: kick - while in the air, Buggy separates his feet from his body so they can fall on the opponent, hitting them from above
  • Y: Bara Bara Chainsaw - Buggy spins his legs around in midair, hitting the opponent as he falls

Crouching MovesEdit

  • A: Bara Bara Car - Buggy turns into a car and drives forward, knocking down anybody who gets in his way
  • B: Bara Bara Emergency Escape - Buggy's head detaches from his body, hitting his opponent
  • C: Bara Bara Chainsaw - similar to the midair move of the same name, except he moves forwards instead of down
  • X: Double Bara Bara Cannon - Buggy launches both hands and his head at his opponent
  • Y: Bara Bara Low-Flying Cannon - Buggy launches his hand, laden with knives, at his opponent's legs


  • down, forward, Z: Mohji [1000 Power] - Ritchie, Mohji's pet lion, claws at anyone directly in front of him
    • down, forward, Z: Mohji [2000 Power] - Ritchie, Mohji's pet lion, roars to stun the opponent and leaps forwards to claw at them
  • down, down, Z: Bara Bara Festival [1500 Power] - All of Buggy's body parts detach and spin around to hit any opponent unfortunate enough to be nearby
  • down, back, Z: Cabaji [1500 Power] - Cabaji falls from the sky, stabbing his opponent with his sword
    • down, back, Z: Cabaji [2000 Power] - Cabaji appears, breathes fire, and summons a group of razor-sharp tops. These tops and Cabaji move throughout the stage, damaging what they touch
  • back + Z (simultaneously): Buggy Bomb [1000 Power] - Buggy tosses a bomb in an arc
  • forward, back, Z: Buggy Ball [3000 Power] - Buggy launches one of his special cannon balls, capable of levelling a town, out of a cannon.
  • Z, Z: Alvida [1000 Power] - Alvida throws off her cloak, stunning the opponent with her beauty, and dashes around the stage, hurting whoever she runs into.
    • Z, Z: Alvida [2000 Power] - Alvida slides forward and hits whoever she runs into with her massive mace

Public OpinionsEdit

Given his wide array of close- and long-range techniques, Buggy quickly became one of the most popular characters for the second beta, assisted by the fact that he was also one of the more complete characters. With the release of the third beta and the addition of characters such as Brook, Rob Lucci, Blueno, Trafalgar Law, and Foxy, he is less popular than he once was, but still remains a mainstay with people who have supported the game since it began.

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