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Bristol Weller
Bristol Weller
Bristol Weller





Power Instinct 3: Groove on Fight

Bristol Weller (ブリストル・ウェラー) is a character in Power Instinct 3: Groove On Fight, serving as the story's main villain. Bristol is actually revealed to be a demon in the final round of the game, going into an alternate appearance, Bristol-D.

Born in a prominent family, Bristol is a very intelligent, yet hypocritical man. He achieved a good social status at a young age and has received several awards for his charity activities, but he use this to hide his true personality. He is really a heartless, ambitious man that is able to do anything to get what he wants.

In M.U.G.E.N, he was created by CHOUJIN.


Bristol1 pi-LP

Bristol is a 6-buttoned character. Even as a CHOUJIN's character, Bristol has commands and sprites rather different from his DBZ characters,


Life: 1000

Power: 3000

Attack: 100

Defence: 100


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