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Artwork of Bloo




Stickman14's Update


Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Bloo is a character that comes from Cartoon Network's show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Charming, self-centred, fun and rebellious, Bloo likes to take advantage of the friends at Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, but he still has a good heart and sometimes apologises for his trouble-making.

Hyper Beaner's version (original)Edit


In MUGEN, he is created by Hyper-Beaner. Bloo does not execute his combos very well and has a very weak A.I and often fails to attack the player. He is very easy to beat due to those characteristics. The sprites appear to be custom made, and of low quality.

Aside from being a low-quality character in gameplay terms, Bloo also has an instant killer move (Raging Demon) which glitches the game, forcing it to be reset.

Stickman14's updateEdit

Recently, Stickman14 edited Hyper-Beaner's Bloo and added to him new moves. This version is the best Bloo avaliable on MUGEN. It has major bugfixes, and Bloo's Raging Demon is now a Level 3 that does not crash the game. This version of Bloo has many new moves and high quality sprites. Both version's of Bloo have the Zeeky H. Bomb laugh. However, despite the new updates, Bloo still lacks any sounds from his voice.


  • This version was originally uploaded on MegaUpload, but since it was closed, the download link was lost. However, a user reuploaded it to MediaFire, so again it's available.



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