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  • Khalid Almulhim

    The Wish List

    April 22, 2017 by Khalid Almulhim
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  • Endercreeper9999

    Getting right into the meat of this topic, I'm done with making Undertale characters for now. After the Sans fiasco, it kinda made me realize that many other versions of these characters exist out there, and despite my attempts to make the most unique version, things won't always turn out right. Mettaton EX went through development hell, as did Chara and Frisk. Honestly, I'm happy with the ones I've made so far, and So Sorry will be updated every so often in order to make him better than before. Undertale stages will still be made, but for now, the only Undertale characters will be updates to already released ones. I hope people won't be too distraught over this.

    I should also take this chance to say that production on most Mugen-related con…

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  • TheUitimateGarfieldFan

    You read that right.

    Also working on Garfield, I'll also do a version of Sportacus from LazyTown. Why? It's a good show, and someone had to ruin both him and Robbie. I'll be using the sprites from Randy's version, while doing some other stuff myself (ripping sound bits, moves, etc.).

    I also have a winpose coded, but you won't see that until Garfield is updated some.

    Peace out for now,


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  • Fastkak


    February 27, 2017 by Fastkak

    -New Screenpack

    -Reset chraracters position and sort by series

    -Rebalanced all Touhou characters.

    -Improve some AI characters.

    -Add BGM for some stages.

    NOTE There are two characters portaits from Love Live that i cannot fix and Some One Hit KO and Invincibility Characters will be banned and they are added for decoration only.

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  • Endercreeper9999

    (If this post shouldn't be here, then please delete it, admins)

    So, my beta tester for my Pokémon ROM hack has decided to flake out on me last minute and not want to test it for me anymore. Would anybody here be willing to do a test run of the demo version for me? The demo ends after Wattson's gym, which I posted a video of to my YouTube channel just recently. I'd just need you to play through until defeating Wattson and send me feedback, which I can then apply before releasing the pubic demo (which still ends after Wattson's gym).

    If anyone is interested, send me a message via email and we can sort something out. At most, I'll be taking 3 testers for now.

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  • CombatArms1101

    I made my last post unable to be replied to, so here we go again. Good to meet with all you MUGENites yet again. I am CombatArms1101. You know, the kid that got really obsessed with weird shit and then just faded from the wiki? I know that my name and profile picture aren't very relevant anymore, but it will have to do until I obtain a new one.

    Let's talk about that hyped-up fighting game canon/OC x-over -- Project New Bloods. It's still a rather early blueprint, but taking a further understanding of the MUGEN code, I have a clear idea of what I want done. Still, having said that. PNB will not be seeing your local MediaFire link for a rather long period of time, as I require more resources, and a team to work with. It's not easy getting int…

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  • CombatArms1101

    Good to meet with all you MUGENites yet again. I am CombatArms1101. You know, the kid that got really obsessed with weird shit and then just faded from the wiki? I know that my name and profile picture aren't very relevant anymore, but it will have to do until I obtain a new one.

    Let's talk about that hyped-up fighting game canon/OC x-over -- Project New Bloods. It's still a rather early blueprint, but taking a further understanding of the MUGEN code, I have a clear idea of what I want done. Still, having said that. PNB will not be seeing your local MediaFire link for a rather long period of time, as I require more resources, and a team to work with. It's not easy getting into a depthy MUGEN full game with just one person working on it. Esp…

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  • MetalGuy213

    Totally Speechless

    February 18, 2017 by MetalGuy213

    this may sound off-topic and few tragic for the mugenites but i am really frustated and depressed what it really goes on my life, i've stopped been working for a moment at my Stickman UltraViolet along of giving the stickman matches aganist various characters.

    i've went a Disscusion involving my friends outside from the Mugen Community lurking and happening this whole drama that shouldn't have to be done just like in this state, i am feeling that my depression and anger increases when i am about to end this adready but it makes the matter that why would my friends starts a drama ending it separated and even my friend has passed away by commiting suicide of these discussions, i'm just tired and i am about to cry and to walk away about everyt…

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  • MetalGuy213

    How it's going Mugenites.

    February 14, 2017 by MetalGuy213

    It's been nearly 2 years by not playing M.U.G.E.N since i've quitted it in 2016 due of lack of interest, i've comed back in this year to get my brains in it again in the Database and in MFFA (Mugen Free For All).

    How it's going fellas? MetalGuy/ZandroGuy is here now.

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Explanation time

    February 13, 2017 by Endercreeper9999

    OK, so I feel like I can trust the Mugen community enough to come out about my situation. Essentially, my first girlfriend of 4 months left me out of the blue last Thursday. Of course, that was the day when I announced my break. However, over the following days, I felt worse and worse, so on Monday I went to see a clinic and... I've been diagnosed with minor depression. Yes, I'm being serious. Not looking for pity, sorrow, or anything like that. I'm being truly honest when I say that. Thankfully, I've been better the past few days (since Wednesday), and I'm starting to actually go places again, albeit not far at all.

    Despite this, sometimes I'll be completely happy one minute, and then the next minute I feel like I want to die. This is why …

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  • Endercreeper9999


    February 11, 2017 by Endercreeper9999

    I'm back from my break early. Sort of... Long story short, I'll be active again, although I'm not going to be working on Mugen stuff as much as before my leave.

    Now, I won't say what the initial issue was (you've probably guessed it by now but eh), but I'm definitely feeling a lot better now. Also updated my userpage with the latest version of my roster, listing my other 2 WIPs, and my new solo survival record.

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  • Diamondswag 12


    February 11, 2017 by Diamondswag 12

    Well.....i've seen other users get their articles about what they do and stuff but me.  I wonder when the article about me will come up. Well someday it will, and it won't turn out good, judging these shitty characters I made for mugen. Anyway, hope someone makes one about me cause seeing these user articles, they pop up everywhere.

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  • InfantryDoubleZero.exe

    I'm need help

    Patrick Star by MugenJF was expired or deleted file and i'm want to reupload the file if you have a old character,

    i'm using for random battles and saving file on USB disk drive. and can edit from page

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  • Endercreeper9999

    I'm sorry but

    February 8, 2017 by Endercreeper9999

    My break will be elongated even more. My life has just been absolute hell, I can't handle anything right now. I'd rather not say why here. I'm hardly using my emails at this point, but if you really have to know... Drop me a message. Maybe I'll get to it, but chances of that are very miniscule.

    Again... I'm so sorry for delaying my already slowly developed Mugen creations. But right now, I don't want to do Mugen. I'm finding it hard to do basic things, let alone coding and spriting.

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Bye for now

    February 2, 2017 by Endercreeper9999

    Some things have happened. I just want a long break from Mugen, and even life itself.

    Sorry I just can't go on as a creator when I feel like this. I'll be back at some point, I don't know when.

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  • Endercreeper9999

    So, people seemed pretty keen on Alola Exeggutor becoming a Mugen fighter. Therefore, I've decided to attempt creating it as a character. Think of this as my proper return to Mugen, since I've mostly been investing my time into a Pokémon ROM hack other than Snakewood reborn (since I've kinda cancelled that).

    Sprite-wise, Alolan Exeggutor will have custom sprites done by me. If those don't turn out well, I already have a backup, which is to edit an Alola Exeggutor sprite someone else has already made (after obtaining their permission of course). Which one I am currently unsure of, but keep in mind that this is the backup plan only. Now onto the gameplay and moveset plan!

    Alolan Exeggutor is planned to be a rather slow but heard-hitting fighter…

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  • ToonAlexSora007


    Today is The Three Kings day, or Dia de Reyes in latin america, and I am going to finally release my most awaited character,

    Sunset Shimmer!!!

    Here's The Three Kings gift for everyone who were waiting for her!!

    Also, here's a latin spanish voicepack, cus' why not, I'm mexican

    More info here:

    Now, how to make Sunset WinMUGEN compatible:

    Because Sunset has files for WinMugen, the only thing to do is:

    Add '_win' to the character's folder name.

    The result should be SunsetShimmer_win.

    Here's a video to commemorate this release!

    Make sure to send feedback i…

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  • Lebert130

    Hello there, first off all... Happy New Year to all! ok... second i have been recently inactive in these days... but i was making some characters but... they were scrapped or cancelled whatever you want to call it...

    Both of them are Undertale characters and their reason are because of lost interest:


    I was making a Mettaton character for M.U.G.E.N but then after some months i have lost the interest of making it:

    Here a idle animation:

    Sans v2:

    Also this was cancelled by the same reason... at least i can show you 1 image:

    Now... the edit that i was making back in September of 2016, it was a Omega Tiger Woods edit. it dosent have some major changes... it just has a anti-cheap mode that i made. it took me 2 months completing it.

    it can KO e…

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  • Endercreeper9999

    I should say now

    December 23, 2016 by Endercreeper9999

    I discretely restarted Sans AGAIN. I've redone the dunked-on hyper and bone wave special, as well as the gimmicky Gaster Blaster and teleport mechanics. I never said because I knew people would be mad, but I felt to say now so people don't expect a 2016 release (since the year is almost over).

    I apologise sincerely for not announcing I had restarted the character sooner.

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  • LeTotalMemer

    Um, Hi?

    December 13, 2016 by LeTotalMemer

    I am quite new to the MUGEN community as I started this year, so I figured why not say hello first to my fellow MUGENites, I am Currently Working on a character based on a YouTuber who makes High quality video game rips, and my self Insert. So, that it I guess. Bye!

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Yep I'm already back from my retirement. That lasted, what... 3 days? Anywho, I want to apologize to everyone. I was frustrated about things like this happening quite frequently in recent times, so acted before thinking. First, I'd like to clear some things out of the way; my decision to leave was not influenced by an outside person like my girlfriend. Heck in the case of her, she finds my works somewhat interesting (I've shown her as-of-yet unreleased stuff of mine) and does give me feedback with my sprites and gameplay mechanics, sometimes even helping with the sprites themselves. Back to the point, my rash decision to leave was my choice as a whole.

    Now, this doesn't mean I'm going right back to what I was doing beforehand. I've got my c…

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  • TheUitimateGarfieldFan

    Yes, a better, revamped Garfield is coming!

    So far, I got the icon, select portrait, and stance so far, and I'm ready to add some more basic stuff like an intro, basic attacks, block sprites, and the jump sprites to it.

    Here's the stance:

    And I'll add some stuff after that in the future.

    Peace out,


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  • Endercreeper9999


    November 25, 2016 by Endercreeper9999

    So, it's come to this. For a while now I've considered leaving the Mugen community, or at least creating for it. And now I have decided... I'm leaving the community. I'll still make characters, but none of them will be released. That includes my recently announced Mettaton EX, Moonflower, Chara and the secret YouTuber character. And no, I won't even be giving them to my friends; they will remain for ME and ME only.

    Admittedly... I have major anxiety, and I have to take medication for it. This is why my Mugen works take so long; I'm anxious about them being of a good standard to be released. Even with my recent WIPs, I get absolutely frustrated when I mess up something. Sadly, I don't have any medication for my frustration. Me revealing this…

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  • Khalid Almulhim

    Crash Bandicoot VS. Duck Hunt Dog.

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Char concept I have

    November 21, 2016 by Endercreeper9999

    Recently (by which I mean two days ago), I started a Pokémon Sapphire randomized nuzlocke, and I'm nearing the end of it already (Yes, really. I got to the Pokémon league just before I came to type this.). I must say... It's been a lot of fun, catching a new set of Pokémon I never thought I'd use, training them up and taking them to battle where every moment could be their last. Even if only 7 of my Pokémon have died, each time I've found myself somewhat angered or upset; It's that bond that the nuzlocke is meant to build I suppose. But, playing this randomized ROM gave me an idea for a potential character.

    It is simply called Hoenn randomized. It'd essentially be similar to GooGoo's Monsterball or DJHANNIBALROYCE's Ditto, with each attack b…

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  • Wgamer817


    November 18, 2016 by Wgamer817

    So i just found Android mugen it's named Paintown i was hyped when first time i saw it but sadly i tried almost alot of mugen chars like undertale,dbz,marvel but they didn't work...and im sure the problem is not from the chars cause i tried the winmugen,mugen 1.0 and mugen 1.1 chars but none of them worked.

    Can you guys plz help me on this ?

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Well as the title implies, I want to finish my second version of UNDERTALE's Frisk. However, my main problem with making Frisk these past few times has been the sprites; I'm not very good at editing them. So, I'd like to request help... For someone to take the position of Frisk's spriter.

    Now I understand how tough and tiring sprite editing can be, but I can't pay any money for your efforts. However, you will be fully credited in the readme, DEF file, any release threads I make, preview videos and images, as well as on my website.

    If you're interested in this position, please email me at my same ol' email (Found on my userpage and website) giving me a sample of what you can do. However, there's one person I've considered asking since I know …

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  • Edunk5

    People should include characters in M.U.G.E.N games in future such as Lavender Castle, Bibi Blocksberg, Sparkle Friends, Joshua Jones and Fireman Sam along with live action shows such as Round the Twist, Spellbinder and Full Frontal. They should also include live action movie characters like Half Baked such as Brian along with real life artists from the 70s, 80s and 90s like Daryl Braithwaite and Iva Davies. 

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  • Endercreeper9999

    I'm not sure many people really care about Premium Quest, which I am honestly fine withnif that's the case, and this has no influence on my decision for the game; I'm no longer showcasing or releasing content pertaining to the game, not even Homing Thistle. My reason is that... It's 15 characters. If I release them all, not many people will sit down and use each individual one, and also because these characters are intended for the fullgame only, and as such contain some compatibles with eachother. I did try them against regular, non-compatible characters, but ended with glitch or dissatisfying results. Now originally, I was just going to leave Toadstool unreleased, as I know there'd be certain people who use her and only her for... reasons,…

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  • LilyBreez

    i'm 110% sure nobody on this wiki trusts me or want anything to do with me after every time i came back here

    so i've...just always been scared of showing up here ever since i've realized that..

    i want to apologize for anything i did, even though i know good and well that i won't be forgiven

    and just... i'll... give it one more shot i guess..

    if i ever leave again after this i won't be coming back

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  • Dawn de Era

    I'm getting back into MUGEN, starting with Pencil from BFDI.

    I've only gotten as far as her punches and the light kick. (Paint.NET is not an easy spriting tool.)

    Here's my ideas so far.

    • Planned custom A.I.
    • Planned 6-button character
    • Planned to snap in half upon entering the liedown state when killed with a heavy attack.

    Point Stab: Looks like a dropkick, but causes both Pencil and the opponent to freeze for half a second upon hit (similar to Daniel's Paralyzing Pandemonium projectile) until Pencil pulls herself off of the opponent. The opponent then falls, and Pencil is lightly launched away from the opponent.

    Summon Ice Cube: Pencil summons Ice Cube as a striker. Ice Cube slides across the stage until she either hits the opponent or is hit by th…

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Decided to get some spriting practice done before I start the sprites for Toadstool, as well as the other Premium Quest characters. Keeping in with the theme, I decided to go for two more PvZ 2 related chars - One being a zombie. I've also come up with some ideas for how each could play, should I decide to create them for Mugen.

    Two sprites have been included for both; the original, cliché MOC-style palette and the revamped palette that'll be used for the character.

    (MOC palette)

    (Revamped palette)

    Based off its regular variant, Nightshade has a focus on powerful close range attacks rather than projectiles and ranged attacks. This means Nightshade has to get close to opponents in order to have a chance at attacking, let alone deal damage. These …

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  • Windindi

    Hello to all! Before I begin, I'd like to say that I am very sorry for the absence recently, but anyways; I'd like to announce some upcoming stuff this week!

    Yep! It's been a while, and while I haven't done much due to many other things (I cannot say what, it's top secret), I feel like I should share more exciting details :D.

    That's right! A beta will be releasing Monday, October 31st! The game still has a LOT to be done, but a promise is a promise! The demo will consist of four playable fighters. Three of which are Jago, Sabrewulf, and Glacius. The fourth fighter is a beta character which will be shown off in this forum: (avoid link if you hate spoilers):

    Stay tuned for the video!

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Now that half term is upon us (Or where I live anyway) and all work that needs to be done has been completed, I finally have some time for Mugen (That one edit I did to the Protoman article doesn't count, that took a few seconds). Thus, I am returning from my rather short hiatus. Now for the announcement mentioned in the title, that seems quite unbelievable. For my course, the main objective is to code a game and create a website for it. Pretty standard stuff, but the catch is we could either use software provided to us to make a game or use software from home and the like, so long as it is approved by the teacher. Whilst using our own software isn't encouraged, it does give us some extra marks. Thus I decided to ask if I could use a combi…

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  • ThomasMarioFan48

    My MUGEN Website

    October 16, 2016 by ThomasMarioFan48


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  • Endercreeper9999

    A day ago, my YouTube channel hit 1000 subscribers. Usually this would call for a 1k sub special or something, but I haven't even done my 200 sub special, so that probably won't happen. I would like to say... Thanks. For a channel that started off bashing other characters and pretty much nothing else, I have certainly come a long way. I never expected to get achieve such a milestone, so I am genuinely surprised. But along with this comes the... Other announcement. I'm going on a hiatus. Or rather, a creation hiatus, meaning I'll still check the Mugen sites I usually do, download chars, and so on but just not work on my content. I know, I promised Homing Thistle as my revivement (not a word but bleh) project not too long ago, but classes are…

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Oh boy

    October 9, 2016 by Endercreeper9999

    So, be le me, browsing Mugen Archive (Don't judge me) when I find something called 'Asgoremet'. I click on it and find this video along with it, claiming that the character in question is a reskin of (quote) "Endercreeper's Asgore". If things don't seem right, that's because they aren't. What isn't right, exactly? How about the fact that I'VE NEVER MADE AN ASGORE CHARACTER. Sure, I've considered it, but decided to hold off on the idea for the time being and never even announced I was considering doing an Asgore char. The only other version of Asgore I know of was made by AngryBirdCooler, so either someone mistook that guy for me (Which I highly doubt) or someone made a different Asgore and claimed they were me. Until I find out who this is …

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  • Endercreeper9999

    I haven't really been investing my time into Mugen as of recent due to classes being back on, leaving me with little free time to do Mugen work. However, I also somewhat lost interest in Mugen coding, and as such have decided to do a new project to reinvest me into not only Mugen coding, but spriting (This is in addition to the Bonzi collab). Done in the ever-loved MOC1105 style, I present to you... Homing Thistle from PvZ 2.

    Please note that the cliché MOC-style palette isn't to be permanent




    Given how Homing Thistle works in PvZ 2, it will likely have a moveset focusing on projectiles as well as a mix of MOC-styled and Touhou Project gameplay. I am determined to finish this project, once I start the coding that is. Given how…

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  • Fastkak

    My MUGEN

    September 29, 2016 by Fastkak

    It's still have some bugs and has a lot of cheap characters.

    Because I do for Watch Mode Only but I share to my friend he said it's unbalanced.

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  • Windindi

    Killer Instinct Blog: Jago

    September 27, 2016 by Windindi

    In Killer Instinct: Mugen Edition, Jago is a character for all to enjoy! He is a semi-quick skilled monk who comes with a Windkick! If you've played Ryu from Street Fighter, this dude is very similar. Very good for beginners, as well as super effective, having Endokuken as a solid projectile as well as many other unique attacks to aid in his journey!

    After a lifetime devoted to purity and discipline, Jago is tortured by the knowledge that the last vestiges of the evil Tiger Spirit, Gargos, remain within him. He sets forth to discover an opponent strong enough to purge Gargos’ corruption in the crucible of combat and finally put an end to his misery.

    Killer Instinct: Mugen Edition Beta coming in October!

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  • Windindi

    Hey guys! Windindi here to give you guys some updates about how this game will work as well as other questions.

    Of course not! This is a side project for fun, and I hope folks enjoy it as much as they possibly can! NvC will continue, but it will take a very long time. This compared to NvC is a FAR more easier game to do.

    I can't say who I'm including, besides Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, and Thunder. That is all for now. However, I can explain how releases will work. The first update will ONLY have four characters. The second update will have four more characters whom I'll announce at a later date AFTER release. The game will also receive updates of course.

    Right now, the idea is to see how popular this gets. If there isn't much demand for it, on…

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  • Windindi
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  • Brittonbubba

    Coding questions.

    September 5, 2016 by Brittonbubba

    So I understand adding characters, adding stages, adding music to stages, and other basics.

    However, I was wondering how to (if I even can) do the following:

    • In arcade mode, if you're up against a certain opponent, you go to a specific stage.
      • For example, if you fought Homer Simpson, the stage you go to is Simpson House.
    • If you fight a certain opponent on a specific stage, the soundtrack changes.
      • For example, if you fight a specific opponent on the stage Heavenly, the music would change from its default music (which I don't know what that is since I haven't downloaded the stage yet) to Hikari no Willpower.
    • Set a specific character to appear during a specific round of Arcade Mode.
      • If the above can be achieved, if you set the difficulty to a specif…
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  • Endercreeper9999

    "Where is Frisk?"

    September 4, 2016 by Endercreeper9999

    Ok, so a few people have been emailing me about Frisk and when he'll be released, or if they can have him (Or her, whichever you prefer). I've always responded with the same answers ("Working on it", "When it's done", "No" respectively), but I guess I should say now that the original version of Frisk has been cancelled. Before anyone flips out, read the rest of this post! I cancelled it in favour of a restart. I wasn't impressed with the old version; For one, it was very hard to play as. Secondly, there were WAAAAAAAAY too many moves, and most were similar or just pointless. Lastly, and the killer of the project, Genocide Frisk. That is what made development tricky.

    The new version will be a combination of my ideas for regular and Genocide Fr…

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  • Brittonbubba

    So I just got M.U.G.E.N.


    What's the best version of M.U.G.E.N. in your opinions? Because, even though I don't have the specific version of M.U.G.E.N. that's my favorite, that one M.U.G.E.N. with the septillion character slots (if I had to make a guestimate) looks like the best one.

    And also, there's also best engine builds, so I could ask for that, too.

    And when you list the best one in your opinions, could you add a link to the downloads?

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  • Endercreeper9999


    August 29, 2016 by Endercreeper9999

    I've decided to cut my break short. Very short in fact. However, considering that most if not ALL of the drama that I've caused to related to Pokémon characters (Even just MENTIONING one had me shut down my polls), I'll likely break away from Pokémon content. No, this doesn't mean no Pokémon content at all, it just means don't expect me to continue with Project Conquest or complete that one PCEA char I started discretely.

    Next time something like this happens, I'm leaving for good. It's goddamn annoying.

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Well then...

    August 27, 2016 by Endercreeper9999

    It seems in recent times I keep causing trouble or mishaps within the community, be it on accident. So, I'm going back on break for a bit. No, not like last time where I just stopped updating threads or posting on Mugen sites, but stopping working on Mugen content and even playing Mugen for a while. Until I return, all my characters are on hold. Planned stage releases and character updates are being pushed back too, of course. Sorry guys, but I just need to sort myself out...

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  • Lebert130

    Omega Flowey Character

    August 21, 2016 by Lebert130

    After 2 months of doing nothing... there it is... i made a new character called Omega Flowey.

    i thought my last character was going to be sans... but when i saw that there was more and more characters from Undertale in M.U.G.E.N (specially the FourthRhyme ones), Well, that motivated a lot to make this character. Also it cost me so much time to make this character because if you can see... the sprites of omega flowey are not the original as they appear in Undertale, i recreated them all of them piece by piece.

    And... if case you are wondering, its finished, but i will make some updates for the character.

    EDIT: I have been heard some complaints about why the character dosent work in MUGEN 1.0,

    Well, i once tried to make it compatible with MUGEN …

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  • Windindi

    From the title, yeah, my official birthday was Monday, August 15th. But even better news: there's two major things I wanted to talk about...For one, we have a new member for Nintendo vs. Capcom! I'll call him "Davy Jones" for now. Davy Jones is a amazing spriteworker who's worked in the 2D and 3D departments, making a lot of Brawl stages as well as stages for Smash Flash 2. He has worked on MUGEN stuff for a while, but is getting back at it thanks to me. His most popular stage back when he first started was the Duck Hunt stage (the stage, not the bonus level). The second thing I wanted to talk about? Well, you'll all have to wait on that. It'll be killer. 

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  • Endercreeper9999

    Been a while since I mentioned Project Conquest, by which I mean I haven't talked about it since it's announcement. However, since then, there were some things I've changed. So, here's a bit of an update on what has been changed and why, as well as addressing some 'issues' from my original plans and reasons behind them.

    As of now, the story is the same as it was before.

    No characters have had their pairings change... except for one; Ieyasu. I said he'd be paired with Metagross, where in Conquest his partner is Aggron and it is actually Tadakatsu that has Metagross. This was not a mistake, but an intention; I wanted to give Ieyasu Metagross as it'd be easier to sprite. However, after a while, I realized it wasn't consistent, as every other war…

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