Blaze Heatnix
Artwork from Mega Man X6


Emiliano David Palleres




Mega Man

Blaze Heatnix is a Reploid modeled after a phoenix. He was created by Gate with the ability to handle extremely hot temperatures, allowing him to explore hot spots deep beneath the Earth's crust. Later he became a member of a disaster prevention team created to respond to increased activity from active volcanoes. However, because Heatnix was so much more powerful than the other members, he would ignore his co-workers (seeing them as weak and useless) in dangerous situations, disregard them if they ran into danger, resulting in many losses. Gate was demanded to weaken Heatnix to keep him on par with the other members, but Gate ignored these requests. As a result, Heatnix was eventually disposed of for his behavior. Gate later revived him to use him in the Nightmare investigation, and sent him to the magma area.

In M.U.G.E.N, Blaze Heatnix has been made once by Emiliano David Palleres.

Emiliano David Palleres' version


Armed with infinites and an attack to instantly KO, this Blaze Heatnix is made to be just like SnowWolf's many Cheap Characters, minus the Brutal A.I. His attacks have almost no warning, one of which is easily spammable and almost never misses. He can also rapidly charge his Power Meter by holding Start. Not only this, but his Instant KO attack is different from SnowWolf's Characters', as it is almost impossible to avoid, and also works on characters with Super Armour. To make it worse, Blaze Heatnix only needs 2 Power Bars to use it, instead of 3. However, using a character with slow enough Invincibility Frames, such as Homer Simpson's Dodge, will avoid this devastating attack if used at the correct time.

Blaze Heatnix does not have the brutal A.I. that SnowWolf's Characters have, and thus is suprisingly easy, provided he does not get a chance to use his Instant KO attack.







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