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Blackmore is an antagonist from part seven of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run.

Blackmore is one of Funny Valentine's agents, and is a skilled assassin with the goal of retrieving the mysterious Corpse Parts. His stand, Catch The Rainbow, takes the form of a mask with a rainbow motif on it, and allows him the unique ability to manipulate rainfall, which can be used in various ways such as walking on it, stopping the droplets completely in the air to form blades, and even melding with the rain, becoming extremely resilient and difficult to damage to the point of seemingly being able to detach and regrow lost limbs, and is capable of using these in combination. Like several other characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Blackmore's name and his Stand's name are references to music, in this case Ritchie Blackmore and the song Catch The Rainbow.

In M.U.G.E.N, Blackmore was made by Chiyuri.


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Blackmore is a slower-than-average character which bears some resemblance to a close-range version of Hol Horse.  As his Stand only works in the rain, he comes with his own weather effect as he battles. He walks slowly, but can dash around at a fairly good speed.

His attacks are fairly powerful and range from swings with his umbrella and gunshots at the floor to his Stand's rain-manipulation abilities, which allow him to punish nearby opponents by forming blades of rainfall around him, throwing out his arm to make it form into blades which fall downwards, or a devastating but blockable full-screen super. His primary disadvantages stem from the slow startup time for many of his special attacks, strangely clumsy movements when backing away, and lack of viable moves in the air. His power bar is also obscured by a seemingly useless Stand Meter.

His AI is very brutal, and heavily perfers to keep his opponents away by spamming his few ranged attacks before unleashing deadly melee combos once he has reached enough power. It starts off relatively slow, however, allowing a faster opponent to quickly take him down without much trouble provided they start attacking him before he begins to pummel them mercilessly. When his life is depleted during the third round, a unique event occurs in which he gains temporary invulnerability for a brief moment of time until he finally is KO'd when the rain stops, mimicking a tactic he used in Steel Ball Run to prolong the fight with him.







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