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Black★Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter is the main character of the Black★Rock Shooter media franchise. In the anime, she is the alter ego of Mato Kuroi in the Otherworld and is antagonistic towards Dead Master, the main antagonist of the Black★Rock Shooter OVA and manga; in the video game, however, she is a clone named Stella created by the Professor Gibson, designed to be the ultimate living weapon to save the Earth from a alien invasion.

Black Rock Shooter fights with a katana called "Black Blade" and a gun strapped to her left arm called "Rock Cannon", which has the ability to change shape; the first form allows her to shoot small projectiles in bursts (exactly 20 in number), while its second form shoots larger projectiles with slower-paced shots. She can ignite a blue flame from her left eye and has a scar on her belly caused by Black Gold Saw.

In M.U.G.E.N, Black Rock Shooter has been made by Misumi and Nibanibaniniba.

Nibanibaniniba's versionEditicon

Nibanibaniniba BRS

Departing the Otherworld in order to experience battles in the real world, Black Rock Shooter dual wields a sword in one hand and a cannon in the other, though the character can't be too trigger happy with the cannon, else it will overheat and need to cool down before being used again. Black Rock Shooter only has a single Hyper at her disposal, but if it's used when Vtrigger mode is activated, the damage output grows exponentially.