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Biohazard is a bonus game created by CHOUJIN. It is based on Capcom's Resident Evil series (Known as Biohazard in Japan, hence the bonus game's name). It first starts with a logo that appears after your character's prefight animation, saying Biohazard with a purple bleeding eye in the background, then disappearing. When the round starts, you will be surrounded by zombies that die in one hit (Sometimes more). Crows and Cerberus will also appear during the second round. You must keep killing the zombies until the health of Biohazard runs out.


These enemies cannot be grabbed and some melee's super moves are useless against them.


These zombies are found at the start of the game. They are just normal zombies, but they can get very dangerous, especially when in large numbers. If they lay face down from a sweep, you have to be careful,as they may bite you on your feet.

Biohazardwhitezombie Biohazardgreenzombie

Flaming Zombies

These zombies are easy to spot. They come after Biohazard has 50% health left. As their name obviously states, they are zombies on fire. They are almost the same as normal zombies, except that they deal more damage and set the player on fire.


Crows are very easy to kill, but irritating with other enemies. Finish them off with a strong Aerial Attack.



Cerberus are the zombie dogs. They are very fast and they have a strong jump attack. Their attacks are avoided by crouching.



This monster can be considered the bonus game's boss. After defeating a number of enemies in Round 2, he will automatically appear. He has 2 moves (one where he slashes and one where he jumps high and falls on the character), which are unblockable. If enemies are still on the screen, however, he may hit them, too. If you hit Tyrant with a combo of seven or more hits, he will automatically be stressed out, shoot a shockwave, and release an herb, which you can collect for health.


When controlled by the player

Biohazard can be controlled as a player, as well. When controlled by the player, zombies and other enemies (except for the Tyrant, which appears automatically) can be summoned using the buttons.

Zombie - (X)Button-x (up to 6 on screen)

Flaming Zombie - (A)Button-a (requires -50% life in Round 1, up to 2 on screen)

Crow - (Y)Button-y (requires -50% life in Round 1, up to 2 on screen)

Cerberus - (B)Button-b (requires -50% life in Round 1, up to 1 on screen)


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